Looking for son friendly restaurants v playgrounds in mountain Antonio? You room in the right place. Check out on to discover out.

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Sometimes you simply want to kick ago and let who else carry out the cooking. It’s always easier to execute that when the children are having fun, too. Mountain Antonio has plenty of great restaurants complete with playgrounds, scenery, and fun activities for kids. We’re help you narrow down the ideal ones.

Read listed below for our roundup of san Antonio Restaurants through Playgrounds.

Kid familiar Restaurants with Playgrounds in central San Antonio

The Cove

This sustainable, organic, local kid-friendly restaurant in mountain Antonio has actually a gravel playground and also plenty of seating alternatives close to it for this reason you have the right to be near your youngsters but additionally let them have a funny time there is no too plenty of adults around. There’s a dog-friendly patio too for your furry friends therefore you can come and enjoy a tasty meal v the whole family in tow.Where: 606 W Cypress St, mountain Antonio, TX 78212

The trusted Spot


Image courtesy: The familiar Spot

This kid and also pet-friendly ice house has every little thing you require on a beautiful day outdoors consisting of a patio and a play area for children. Take a drink in ~ this out bar and grill in mountain Antonio, enjoy tasty food and watch a movie or 2 on the blow up screen.Where: 943 S Alamo St, mountain Antonio, TX 78205

Alamo BBQ Company

This BBQ joint no only has actually an amazing menu and also bar but likewise a playground where youngsters can go and also have fun as castle await their favorite sliders and chips. Families can sit at the big tree-covered the end patio enjoy it a good old fashioned barbeque and also there are special $7 meals in save for youngsters as well!Where: 511 E. Grayson, san Antonio, TX 78215

Kid trusted Restaurants with Play areas in North mountain Antonio

Blanco BBQ

Check out this ar in north mountain Antonio which offer delicious barbequed meats and has one of the biggest, kid-approved playgrounds in the area! You have the right to take your food out on the deck and kids can blow off heavy steam at the Playscape close to you. There room weekend surprises in keep for the small ones too!Where: 13259 Blanco Rd, mountain Antonio, TX 78216

San Antonio’s tremendous Pizza Company

There’s pizza and also an arcade at this great place which will certainly wow your children – and you! The restaurant has in store multiple supplies from countless buffets at $39.99, Eat and also Play specials, family members Packs with coupons for games and so lot more!Where: 2015 SW Loop 410, mountain Antonio, TX 78227

La Hacienda de Los Barrios


Image courtesy: La Hacienda de Los Barrios

This place serves Casero-style mexican food, home-styled recipes and an impressive outdoor room which is the best spot for kids and also families. The shady patio backs as much as a substantial playground at the restaurant. Your children will also get a kick the end of the Oak trees and also twinkle lights.Where: 18747 Redland Rd, mountain Antonio, TX 78259

Tycoon Flats

This location is currently open for outdoor seating and offers a huge patio that promises to be fun for the kids. The restaurant is also very preschooler and also toddler-friendly through a pat area whereby the kids can have actually a an excellent time. The beer garden is no too far away from this room so you have the right to keep an eye on the kids!Where: 2926 N St Marys, san Antonio, TX 78212

South san Antonio son Friendly Restaurants with Playgrounds

The large Bib BBQ

This restaurant walk not have a playground yet we think it belongs on the list. Go there and also you’ll view why – castle right next to a runway whereby planes and also helicopters land and also take off every day long. If that doesn’t have actually the youngsters gazing in amazement and awe as planes increase high up in the sky, what will?Where: 106 Lanark Drive, san Antonio, TX 78218

Longhorn Cafe


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Each Longhorn Cafe location has various amenities but they’re all super household friendly. Check out your arcade games, patios, playgrounds, and also kid-approved food. The food selection is rather exciting and also serves everything from sandwiches and also nachos to double-meat bacon cheeseburger, chili cheeseburger and lots more!Where: 17625 Blanco Rd., mountain Antonio, TX 78232

Kid friendly Restaurants through Playgrounds in east San Antonio

Peter Piper Pizza

The restaurant assures family-friendly fun and also it it is intended in spades: all of their locations feature arcade games, pizza and wings! It yes, really can’t get much better than that for kids and families feather to have actually a an excellent time.Where: examine out any type of location from Brooks corner to Rittiman. Every one is sure to assist you enjoy a funny day!

The Magic Time Machine


Image courtesy:

This restaurant no technically have actually a playground. That’s due to the fact that the totality restaurant is a playground. They have actually the Simpsons, challenge painting, personality appearances, bubbling science experiments, smoking desserts, covert tables and also more. From Spiderman come Jack Sparrow, this restaurant which to be voted as the best place for children in mountain Antonio, really has it all.Where: 902 NE Loop 410, san Antonio, TX 78209

West san Antonio child Friendly Restaurants with Playgrounds

Big’z burgess Joint

This counter-serve restaurant boasts a vast outdoor patio, cafeteria-style seating, loads of green space for the kids to run around, TVs and more. You have the right to enjoy delicious burgers while letting the youngsters play – never ever too the end of sight. There’s a Party Barn here as well which will assist you cater come all her party and event needs.Where: 2303 N. Loop1604WSan Antonio, TX 78258

Pericos mexican Cuisine

This locally-owned family company offers whatever from delicious food come a fun ambience for the kids! The youngsters will surely gain a kick the end of the multi-colored parrot theme, the tasty tortillas and also the playground. It’s a actual treat for adults too because this ar serves some wonderful family and also home-styled mexico food, perfect for an outdoorsy day.Where: 10820 Bandera Rd., san Antonio, TX 78250

Kid familiar Restaurants with playgrounds in Boerne

Dog & Pony Grill


Image courtesy: &PonyGrill

Much choose its name suggests, this is a pets friendly location so you can carry your furry friends and your small ones at residence to this restaurant. The place serves some exceptional burgers and also stakes, boasts of a large playground, a basketball court, picnic tables and even a stage where you have the right to enjoy some live music.Where: 1481 S. Main St., Boerne, TX 78006

Z’s hardwood Fired Pizza

Thisdog-friendly restaurant has some that the best pizza you’ll find in the entire area. It provides its own dough and also stokes the pies top top a special grill giving it an incredible flavor. And also there’s a an excellent play area for the children too, some huge matured oak trees and also a patio-style seating perfect because that a beautiful fall day.

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Where: 118 Old mountain Antonio Rd, Boerne, TX 78006

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