Where are They Now? The actors Of rapid Times at Ridgemont High The star-studded actors of rapid Times in ~ Ridgemont High has actually grown up a lot of in the past 35 years. See what they"re approximately today!

Cast of rapid Times at Ridgemont High
Prepare to get Jackson Browne stuck in your head because that at least a couple of days. Also, prepare to feeling old: Amy Heckerling’s classic teen romp, Fast time at Ridgemont High, is 35 gnarly year old this year. Penned through future Oscar-winner Cameron Crowe, Fast Times launched the careers of many then-unknown actors, including Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, and also Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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The movie was certainly a product the its time—it nailed ‘80s looks and also slanguage, from its central shopping mall to its play Benatar knock-offs come the bitchin’ Spicoli-isms spewed through its young cast. It to be also, favor so numerous films made roughly this time, laden through controversial and heavy material audiences would likely handle very differently if the film to be released this particular day (see: 15 year-old Stacy’s deflowering in ~ the hand of 26 year-old Ron Johnson and also her subsequent abortion after she tryst with Damone because that starters). Consensual statutory rape is tho statutory rape, after all.

Yet, despite this heaviness and also ickiness, Fast Times tho holds up, and has retained its cult status, largely due to the fact that it was a very real film taking an unflinching look into the exclusive lives of bored, confused, horny teenagers. This is what the actors of Fast times at Ridgemont High is approximately today.

Judge Reinhold as Brad Hamilton in rapid Times
Brad Hamilton may not have had much layout or substance, yet he was a quite solid huge brother, being there for Stacy once she necessary him and also all. And he was always a pretty tough worker—last us saw, his robber-foiling heroics made the the manager the the local MI-T-MART. Because Fast Times ended, Reinhold has continued to occupational steadily in the business, through memorable parts in both television and also film, native Detective Billy Rosewood in the Beverly Hills Cop collection to his guest appearances ~ above Arrested Development come his role as Neil miller in The Santa Clause movies.

Reinhold ran right into a minor little bit of legal trouble when he to be arrested in December 2016 for a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge at a Dallas airport. It to be reported the Reinhold passed the security screening, however when one of his bags required further inspection, he gained a little rankled and also wound up obtaining arrested. Most recently, in the acting department, Reinhold played basketball coach Don Meyer in My many Sons, and has guest starred on multiple episodes of Samantha Bee and Jason Jones’ comedy collection The Detour.

14 Jennifer Jason Leigh (Stacy Hamilton)

Jennifer Jason Leigh in quick Times in Ridgemont High
while Stacy was young and confused and also thus made bad decisions anywhere the place, her portrayer, Jennifer Jason Leigh, has worked out some pretty decent decision-making, at least where her role selection is concerned.

Jason Leigh has had actually one of the much more successful careers the the actors acting-wise. She gave powerful, critically lauded performances in Rush, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, and also Georgia, and also she additionally popped increase a couple of times on tv in shows like Weeds and also Revenge. Recently, she had a memorable revolve in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, earning the an initial Oscar nomination (for ideal Supporting Actress) of her career.

Fans the Jason Leigh will have plenty of methods to see an ext of her. She has actually a new television collection that premieres in August, Atypical, in which she costars v Michael Rappaport, and also she has filmed 2 movies ~ above tap because that release following year: Alex Garland’s extremely anticipated Annihilation, and White boy Rick, in i m sorry she stars together Matthew McConaughey.

Robert Romanus together Damone in fast Times
couple of played the sleazy insensitive jerkface much better than Robert Romanus. His ticket scalping, smooth talking, pick-up line spewing Damone was entirely cringeworthy—yet likewise totally memorable. The was as close together Fast Times came to having a villain, and after the ditched Stacy once she asked for his assist (because 75 bucks and also a car ride to be waaay too lot to ask), he definitely earned the nickname Linda spray painted on his crappy green car.

While the is still well-known largely because that his work-related in Fast Times, Romanus has actually been acting ever before since, mostly appearing in guest starring functions on television shows prefer Cougartown and Code Black. He also appeared in The Runaways as a etc instructor, which, together it turns out, blended his two primary an imaginative interests, as Romanus is additionally a musician. Due to the fact that Fast Times, he has released eight albums through his two-man people rock band, Poppa’s Kitchen. Wonder if he can gain us a great deal on ticket to his shows?

12 ray Walston (Mr. Hand)

Ray Walston as Mr Hand in quick Times
Everyone’s favourite hardass, pizza-snatching teacher was among the currently well-established stars of the film, and also his storied career continued well after the schooled Spicoli. Transparent his whole career, ray Walston operated continuously, and with an excellent success. After Fast Times, he starred in every little thing from movies like The Stand to Star Trek: The following Generation and Star Trek: Voyager (he played Boothby ~ above both). In the 1990s, the won two Emmys for his portrayal of referee Henry Bone top top Picket Fences.

But alas, Mr. Hand is no longer with us. Walston passed away as result of complications native lupus on new Year’s day 2001. Among the film’s most memorable performers was likewise one that its hardest working: other than a quick break in 1997, Walston had worked every year due to the fact that Fast Times ended.

forest Whitaker’s role in fast Times was tiny but significant. As Charles Jefferson, Ridgemont’s star soccer player, his towering existence intimidated just about everyone approximately him—and don’t even considering messing with his car!

Since the early ‘80s, Whitaker has starred in droves of high quality films, native his Oscar winning revolve as Idi Amin in The critical King that Scotland to his duty as experienced Gerrera in Rogue One critical year. The has likewise branched the end from acting, becoming a effective producer and also director (he has actually directed Waiting come Exhale and also Hope Floats, amongst other films, and also has an ext recently served as the producer the critically acclaimed films like Fruitvale Station and Dope). Clearly, Whitaker has actually attained a level of success Charles Jefferson would approve of. Yet there’s one thing we’re left wondering: is he still looking for those Earth, Wind, and Fire tickets?

10 Nicolas Cage (Brad’s friend)

Re-watching Fast Times have the right to be funny for plenty of reasons, one of which is spotting all the then small known actors who went on to have vast careers. The biggest tiny known actor in Fast Times was conveniently Nicolas Cage, whose character basically stood around and high-fived judge Reinhold throughout the whole flick. Cage, that was then billed as Nicolas Coppola, his bear name, chose to adjust his last surname to Cage after ~ the film—a relocate that was at the very least partly affected by the comic character Luke Cage—and gain serious about acting.

While Cage’s career has absolutely taken a large turn towards the ridiculous, that has also given us some stellar performances since he high-fived his way through Fast Times. He winner a ideal Actor Oscar because that Leaving las Vegas, and was nominated for one more for his job-related in Adaptation, and also his work in struggle flicks choose Kick Ass and also The Croods can not be overlooked. Some posit Cage’s rotate to direct-to-video flicks has much to carry out with a little bit of trouble he gained into v the IRS as result of some unpaid taxes, but whatever fiscal problems he has actually had, he still gave us Face Off and Con Air, therefore we"ll love him forever.

an additional Fast Times gibbs who greatly sat in the background and later go on come do much bigger things is Eric Stoltz. Stoltz played one of Spicoli’s spaced out stoner buds with a penchant for removing his shirt upon entering many premises (seriously—he to be literally billed together Stoner Bud in the film). ~ Fast Times, Stoltz made a name for himself with memorable transforms in Mask, Some kind of Wonderful, and also Pulp Fiction.

Later in his career, Stoltz branched out, broadening his investment portfolio to encompass producing and also directing. In fact, Stoltz has actually been working primarily as a producer-director this days, detect steady occupational directing TV shows prefer Glee, How to obtain Away through Murder, and also Madam Secretary, the last of i beg your pardon he additionally currently serves together executive producer on.

8 Anthony Edwards (Spicoli’s various other stoner bud)

Yep. Goose remained in Fast Times too, and also like Eric Stoltz and Nic Cage, his duty was also very blink-and-you’d-miss-it. Prior to he came to be a household name together Tom Cruise’s doomed radar intercept officer, Anthony Edwards was Spicoli’s other Stoner Bud, a lowly, floppy haired surfer through a mere cigarette to his name.

Edwards has gone ~ above to have a long and also fruitful job in present business, many notably certification in the smash hit ER in the mid-late ‘90s, of which he additionally directed four episodes. Edwards has also worked together a effective producer, developing HBO’s award winning Temple Grandin and also the historic documentary Searching because that Home, Coming ago from War. He is still first and foremost one actor, though, and also he will show up next in this fall’s Law & Order: True Crime miniseries, starring Edie Falco.

Brad’s beautiful blonde girlfriend went on to do a few more ‘80s teen classics before settling right into a heavy career as a working actress. She starred together Tina in the original A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street and together the object of john Cusack’s obsession in Better off Dead, providing her a triad of cult standard ‘80s flicks come brag about for eternity.

While Wyss there is no been involved with any vast Hollywood blockbusters or Oscar to win flicks, she has regulated to have a quite prolific job by market standards. She has worked steadily due to the fact that Fast Times ended, and also most recently, she has appeared in guest certification spots ~ above shows like Major Crimes and Murder in the First. She also has numerous independent films slated for relax over the next year, including Drifting and The Capture.

6 D.W. Brown (Ron Johnson)

D.W. Brown played the 26 year-old audio consultant Ron Johnson, who, after questioning Stacy how old she was (and believing her as soon as she stated she was 19?!) provided us Fast Times’ most legendary pick-up line once he inserted his food order, asking Stacy for “a meatball sandwich, a medium Coke, and your phone number?” Smooth, Ron, smooth. And also gross.

Brown’s acting career has adjusted direction a bit because Fast Times ended. After showing up in little parts in television and also film, Brown started to write and direct plays, and eventually, he started teaching at an exhilaration studio in Los Angeles, the Baron Brown Studio, which that co-owns v his wife. That has likewise written 3 books about the handmade of acting, and also continues to teach the performing arts in ~ his LA studio.

Finally, a teacher who makes dissection work fun! Well, no really, but his Sanka sipping biological teacher make Jeff Spicoli attend a course he wasn’t also in—that needs to count because that something! played perfectly by personality actor Vincent Schiavelli, Mr. Vargas was equal components ridiculous and deadpan, and also he was hilarious even if it is he to be holding a human heart freshly pulled from a cadaver, or once students found that he was married to a woman that looked like a supermodel.

Schiavelli, who first gained reputation after his role as Frederickson in One Flew end the Cuckoo’s Nest, finished up being really recognizable challenge to the cinematically obsessed. Short article Fast Times, that starred in everything from Tomorrow never Dies come Death to Smoochy, and he also appeared in many TV shows, consisting of a brief stint as Uncle Enyos on Buffy. Sadly, Schiavelli passed away in 2005 ~ battling lung cancer.

4 James Russo (robber man at the end)

His part was over in one instant—Russo’s robber didn’t show up in Fast Times till the really end. When Spicoli was using the restroom, Russo’s arbitrarily robber guy gone into the gas station, and threatened the progressively unhinged new employee, Brad Hamilton, through a gun. Hamilton threw a pot the coffee in his challenge after he to be distracted by Spicoli’s re-emergence native the bathroom. Every right, Hamilton!

Russo has operated steadily after Fast Times, appearing in over a whopping 160 television and also film roles since. Russo to be often cast in gruff, difficult guy roles, and has one of those encounters just around everyone recognizes. His most recent roles include parts in Django Unchained and Chicago Fire, and he wrote and starred in his very first feature film, no a Stranger, in 2016.

Backer was perfect as the smart, meek, nerdy mark “Rat” Ratner, who pined for—and eventually finished up involved with—Stacy. Rat obtained the girl regardless of the multiple horrible moves of his totally unpleasant finest friend Damone (seriously—why space these males friends? We can watch Rat an obstacle Damone come a fist fight every day). Backer had won a Tony Award prior to Fast Times, and also after his duty as Rat, his work continued to be relatively diverse.

He appeared in everything from 2000’s Loser come the soap opera Santa Barbara come the modern-day classic Police Academy 4: citizens on Patrol. Backer has been the least active of the Fast Times cast, and also not nearly as prolific. His last film credit was a small role in Amy Heckerling’s 2012 horror/comedy flick, Vamps.

2 Phoebe Cates (Linda)

Phoebe Cates is one actress ‘80s movie buffs recognize quite well. After she breakout function as Stacy’s BFF, the feisty graffiti artist Linda, Cates co-starred in Gremlins, that 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The brand-new Batch, and Bright Lights, huge City. Cates starred in a few movies in the ‘90s and also one in the at an early stage aughts (The Anniversary Party, i m sorry was also the directorial debut of Jennifer Jason Leigh) after retiring from exhilaration for great to spend much more time with her family.

Cates married Oscar-winning gibbs Kevin Kline, and also she still attends many events with him in spite of retiring from acting (she was v him in ~ the Tony Awards this year once he won best Actor in a Play). In 2005, Cates opened up a quirky boutique in new York City’s Upper eastern Side dubbed Blue Tree, which she currently spends her time running. We"re not holding ours breath here, yet we"re kinda hoping the Cates comes the end of retirement for the rumored hopefully-soon-to-be-filming Gremlins 3.

that no surprised that Penn, one of the best actors of our time, developed Jeff Spicoli, among the greatest surfer/stoner personalities in cinematic history. Other than the one time he used a gay slur during his interview/dream, Spicoli to be the gnarliest personality in a film complete of them.

He stores bagels in his waistband, and orders pizza directly to his classroom. He calls Mr. Hand a penis to his face but ends up being cool through him. Penn has actually won ideal Actor Oscars for Mystic River and Milk, and also he has frequently made the news for problems in his personal life or his politics, therefore its saying something that a great many of us will always remember the most, and also best, as the dude who assured the civilization that “All I need are some tasty waves, cool buzz, and also I’m fine.” Totally.

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Penn proceeds to act, and has additionally become a formidable producer-writer-director. He will next show up in The Professor and also the Madman with Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer, and also as Andrew Jackson in the upcoming TV miniseries American Lion.

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