Jennifer Jason Leigh is reflecting on the enduring legacy of 1982′s “Fast times at Ridgemont High” and which track from the landmark film still renders her feel “exposed.”

“Well, it to be a funny thing since we were all so young when we made it. And then it come out and also it to be this big hit, girlfriend know, wherein you’d go to the theater and also people would certainly say the lines v it, and also people had obviously watched the movie over and also over again,” Leigh, 59, that starred together Stacy Hamilton, called the day-to-day News critical week while promoting Apple TV+’s “Lisey’s Story,” hitting the streamer following month.

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A step from 1982"s "Fast time at Ridgemont High" special Jennifer Jason Leigh (right) and also Phoebe Cates.

when the suffer was “really thrilling and exciting,” it to be a little misleading because that the Oscar nominee.

“It also made girlfriend think, like, ‘Oh yeah, this is what happens once you make a movie,’” claimed the “Anniversary Party” writer-director. “Like, you no realize, no, this is a an extremely rare thing. Prefer it’s very rare the something really taps into what people are walk through and also that world really love it and also they’ll go see it more than once and then bring friends. ... So, in a method I feel favor I was spoiled by it in a particular way.”

The film, which marked the function directorial debut that Amy Heckerling and also the first film function for Nicolas Cage, is as well known for the music it attributes — including Led Zeppelin, the walk Go’s, Donna Summer and an ext — as it is for Cameron Crowe’s script, based on his book of the exact same name.

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though she named Tom Petty and also the Heartbreakers’ “American Girl” together her favorite of the film’s songs, Leigh identified she need to probably have named Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby,” i beg your pardon plays throughout the film, including when Stacy loses her virginity.

“I median obviously it’s Stacy’s template song,” said the “Possessor” actress, who has actually not watched last year’s star-studded “Fast Times” reading. “There’s something about it, i guess, that i feel like an extremely exposed by, friend know, together an actress. But I love the song and also I mean, you can’t get far better than the in that movie.”

speak to The News in 2019, Crowe clarified the film’s much-talked about (supposed) Led Zeppelin gaffe, which the likened come “the shark in ‘Jaws’ the doesn’t work.”