After decades, Sean Penn finally ran right into the person from his past on who he based the above Jeff Spicoli in Fast times at Ridgemont High.

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The Oscar-winning actor recently did a retreat of his illustrious career v GQ, which began with the lovely 1982 Cameron Crowe classic that featured pen as the beach-bum teenage stoner.

Penn has actually never established his muse — in fact, the actor says the male doesn’t also know he to be the motivation (that may adjust should the read about the interaction).

“I freshly ran right into him because that the very first time ,” pen said. “We were passing top top a follow to and also from the beach. And this male with his wife and children was walking under the path, who spoke in this very articulate way. He greeted me. He had actually the advantage of city hall me age, so he knew the it to be me. And then he had to introduce himself. And I couldn’t think it to be him.”

During the same segment, pen talked around how his early stage audition for the film was a total disaster, yet nevertheless, spreading director Don Phillips observed something in him.

“He was an actor lover,” penn recalled. “He saw things that perhaps you weren’t even presenting. For this reason he persuaded them to check out me again; pushed and also pushed. And also the next thing i knew, I gained the part.

Watch the whole retrospective below.

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