The tradition of the 1982 movie "Fast times at Ridgemont High" has actually proved to be an enduring one, through the movie being inserted in the standard Collection and being widely regarded as a quintessential high college movie. Based upon the book written through the film"s director Cameron Crowe, the movie assisted to start the careers the now-famous stars choose Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phoebe Cates, Eric Stoltz, and Forest Whitaker (via Tulsa World).

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"Well, it to be a funny thing because we were all so young when we make it. And then it came out and it was this huge hit, girlfriend know, where you"d walk to the theater and also people would certainly say the lines through it, and people had actually obviously viewed the movie over and also over again," Leigh called The day-to-day News of the film"s ongoing impact.

And if there"s one particular scene that has been shed into audiences" memories, it"s one that entails Cates" character, Linda, diving into a pool and also removing her red bikini top, before coming on come her girlfriend Stacy"s larger brother, Brad (played by judge Reinhold). However, it transforms out the whole sequence is ensuing in Brad"s imagination, prior to Linda walks in ~ above him.

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So how did Cates feel about her nudity in "Fast Times"? She appeared comfortable with her decision, even all those years ago. "I was just 17 once I did my nude scene in "Paradise." They to be serious and more complicated because they to be not conveniently justified. But the topless step in "Fast time at Ridgemont High" was funny, i beg your pardon made the easy," Cates said in a 1982 interview (via "In this business, if a girl desires a career, she needs to be willing to strip. If you"ve obtained a great bod, then why not display it?" 

In fact, it was Cates who convinced "Fast Times" co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh the doing nudity because that a film was nothing to concern about, together Leigh has her very own rated-R scene in the film together well.

"I remember ns asked you about nudity, due to the fact that I was really nervous around doing it," Leigh said Cates in a conversation with Interview. "I had done some, however not a lot, and also you to be like, "Eh, it"s not that large a deal.""

The step made an indelible mark on pop society history, cementing Phoebe Cates" surname in famous movie moments.

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In fact, in 2020 Jennifer Aniston and also Brad Pitt make headlines for their re-enactment of the renowned scene via a "Fast Times" table read, which raised money for COVID-19 relief (via People).