It’s definitely one that our favourite ’80s movies and also maybeone of your guilty pleasures that whenever girlfriend stumble upon that on TV, friend sit ago and clock a few scenes.

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1982’sFast times At Ridgemont Highfeatured a young Sean Penn, a young Forrest Whitaker, a young Phoebe Cates (who rotate 58 ~ above July 16, 2021)–you acquire the photo –Judge Reinhold, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nicholas Cage, Eric Stoltz, Anthony Edwards… OK, beam Walston’s Mr. Hand wasn’t young.

Penn, Whitaker and Cage’s movie careers would certainly blossom and eachlaterearned Academy Awards for finest Actor (Penn winner twice).

The coming of age movie likewise launched the movie career the Cameron Crowe, upon who 1981 book around going undercover at period 22 at a California high school it to be based. Crowe created the screenplay and also would later on write and also direct together blockbusters asJerry Maguire and nearly Famous, earn an Academy Award and also marry a classic rock star.

Watch the “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice” scene

Fast Times significant Amy Heckerling’s directorial debut; she go on to helm Hollywood hits choose theLook Who’s Talking series,National Lampoon’s european Vacation andClueless. The film earned $27 million at the box-office, a huge hit considering its usual $4.5 million budget.

The soundtrack was loaded v songs by ’80s hitmakers Jackson Browne, Sammy Hagar, and also Stevie Nicks, amongst others, plussolo tracks from Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Don Felder and Timothy B. Schmit, yet peaked at just #54 on the Albums Chart.

Watch the opening scene, attach by the Go-Go’s “We obtained the Beat”

Here’s a connect toCates’ famous (and NSFW) pool scene(you’re welcome!).

Watch Penn’s Jeff Spicoli meeting Mr. Hand because that the very first time

Besides Spicoli, the classic film introduced us come other characters that we known from our high college days.

Watch Damone teach his friend, Rat, just how to pick up chicken by using “The Attitude”

In 2005,Fast Times was selected because that preservationby the Library of Congress’ nationwide Film Registry as being“culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

Though Reinhold’s character “Brad,” is the reining Employee that the Month, he’s having actually a unstable day in ~ the fast food joint

Watch the originalFast time at Ridgemont High trailer

Cates married actor Kevin Kline in 1989, when she remained in her mid-’20s. Through 1994, she efficiently retired native acting, with just one film credit because then. (She showed up in the directorial debut from she Fast Times co-star, Jennifer Jason Leigh.)Cates and Kline live top top Manhattan’s Upper east Side.

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