Summer provides it basic to invest time outdoors enjoying camping, hiking, biking, gardening and more. Yet nothing throw an itchy, uncomfortable, wet blanket on those activities—and everyday life in general—like a surprised bout of toxicity ivy. If you’re unlucky enough to have a reaction come this it s not nice plant, you might be wondering if it’s feasible to cure an episode overnight and also get back to your activity.

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According come Joshua Zeichner, MD, an associate professor in the department of dermatology and the director of cosmetic and clinical research at the mount Sinai Hospital in brand-new York City, poison ivy, and also its cousins toxicity oak and poison ivy sumac, save a resin top top their leaves that leader to an allergic reaction in the skin recognized as call dermatitis. If friend come into call with this plants by to brush up against any shrubs or vines, you’ll want to plot ASAP come clean your skin.

“If you have been exposed come the plant, it’s essential to thoroughly wash the skin with soap and also water as soon as possible,” he explains. “While the decision is no contagious, if there is fresh resin on component of your body, the will cause a rashes on various other parts the the body the it touches.”

If you have been exposed to toxicity ivy, it’s not just extremely vital to wash her hands, but additionally not touch her eyes or genitals. No surprise, a poison ivy reaction ~ above the skin in these areas is...let’s simply say exceptionally uncomfortable.

So what have the right to you perform to treat and eliminate poison ivy, stat? an initial of all, manage your expectations. Of food you’d choose to cure that poison ivy rash overnight. Unfortunately, it’s going come take much longer than that. It takes around a week to clear, and also if 7 to 10 days have passed and also it’s not improving, view a doctor.

How come treat poison ivy fast

Reach because that creams and lotions

Dr. Zeichner recommends getting to for over-the-counter moisturizers come hydrate the skin and repair the skin barrier. Vaseline Intensive care Essential healing Lotion, because that example, includes triple purified petrolatum to kind a breathable seal end the skin. It additionally contains oat extract to patience inflammation, the says.


“Anti-itch ingredients choose calamine lotion can be really effective, symptomatically enhancing the feeling of the rash and reducing your require for scratching,” that explains. “Anti-itch cream prefer 1% hydrocortisone can likewise be effective. However, don’t use cortisone cream for more than two weeks in a row and make sure to touch base with your medical professional if it is no working.”

Consider oral corticosteroids

According to Brian Kim, MD, co-director in ~ the center for the study of Itch in ~ Washington University college of medication in St. Louis, one of the most reliable treatments for poison ivy are corticosteroids, frequently oral quite than topical.

“Topical steroids work also but they are not together potent,” that says. “We recently uncovered a brand-new pathway that reasons itch in poison ivy-type dermatitis and this might be a new future therapeutic approach.” Steroid pills or injections have tendency to be used for poison ivy rashes the cover big or delicate locations of the body.

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Don’t it is in tempted to usage antihistamines to avoid the itching; they don’t help relieve the itching you acquire with call dermatitis resulted in by toxicity ivy, according to the medical resource Up to Date.

Naturally, you’re no going to find these items the minute you require them up in the mountains or the end in the woods, therefore if you’re prone to poison ivy reaction or are visiting one area whereby you know you’re likely to have actually an encounter, do a note to purchase and pack these products before your next adventure into the good outdoors.