The NFL Scouting combine has come a long way from once it an initial started in 1982. Gone are the days as soon as college football football player would show up and also run drills because that the an initial time while coaches with stopwatches would time them in relative obscurity. Today, athletes practice drills favor bench press, 40-yard dash and also vertical jump hundreds of times prior to arriving and having your performances time electronically in former of a national television audience.

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With the timeless Scouting incorporate in Indianapolis canceled due to the pandemic, an unofficial occasion hosted by global health and wellness agency EXOS will take place this weekend at their framework in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. Even though the won't it is in the combine we are supplied to, we chose to look earlier at few of the records collection in individual categories. Here's the ever-popular 40-yard dash record, plus the next fastest times, dating ago to 1999 (the first year for digital timers).

NFL Scouting combine 40-Yard Dash Record/Fastest Times

4.22 seconds: man Ross III, WR (2017)



Before we obtain to Ross, it's worth discussing a few other players that recorded rapid times in this category. Bo Jackson tape-recorded a time of 4.12 seconds in the 1986 Combine, yet that was throughout the hand-time era. And, that course, kris Johnson shocked scouts with a record time of 4.24 in 2008. However in 2017, Ross to be timed in ~ 4.22 v a run so extreme that that strained his calves at the end. The injury compelled the former Washington large receiver to miss some of the other drills, but he still to be taken by the Cincinnati Bengals with the nine pick that the 2017 NFL Draft. Speaking of 40-yard dash times, Olympian Usain Bolt bound Ross's record during a fun exhibition in ~ the 2019 supervisor Bowl endure in Atlanta earlier this year. (See video clip at the bottom.)

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4.24 seconds: kris Johnson, RB (2008)4.24 seconds: Rondel Menedez, WR (1999)4.26 seconds: Dri Archer, RB (2014)4.26 seconds: Jerome Mathis, WR (2005)4.27 seconds: Marquise Goodwin, WR (2013)4.27 seconds: Stanford Routt, CB (2005)4.27 seconds: Henry Ruggs III, WR (2020)4.28 seconds: Champ Bailey, CB (1999)4.28 seconds: Jacoby Ford, WR (2010)4.28 seconds: Jalen Myrick, CB (2017)4.28 seconds: J.J. Nelson, WR (2015)4.28 seconds: Demarcus van Dyke, DB (2011)4.29 seconds: Fabian Washington, CB (2005)4.30 seconds: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR (2009)4.30 seconds: Yamon Figurs, WR (2007)4.30 seconds: Tye Hill, CB (2006)4.30 seconds: Darrent Williams CB (2005)