Each year OUTREACH newspaper publishes "The Outreach 100 annual Report" top top the biggest churches and also fastest farming churches in America. The 2017 special issue includes practical and also inspirational attributes on retention, assimilation, outreach, and church development that could aid your church thrive quickly, what you have the right to learn from the fastest farming churches, and wisdom from these farming mega church, large church, and also medium church pastors.

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#1 Crossroads Church Cincinnati, five Sr. Pastor: Brian Tome

Growth: +5,928 (26%)

Crossroads is because that anyone search God--from those trying out whether or not God also exists, to committed Christ-followers. We existing biblical truths and show just how they apply to our day-to-day lives.


#2 Eastside Christian Church Anaheim, CA Sr. Pastor: Gene Appel

Growth: +1,979 (38%)

“I love seeing the strength of the gospel to adjust the resides of people from every walks the life, ethnicities, circumstances and backgrounds—who in turn end up being change-makers the God uses to transform much more lives. It never gets old,” says an elderly Pastor Gene Appel. “Eastside recently significant 55 years of pursuing God, building community and unleashing compassion—yet over there is so lot vision because that the future that there’s a pervasive feeling that we space just obtaining started.


#3 Shepherd Church Porter Ranch, CA Sr. Pastor: Dudley Rutherford

Growth: +2,243 (27%)

We are a ar of renewal, and also a Christ-believing church where all space welcome. Our solutions have modern-day music and a article that is Bible-based and relevant to everyday life.


#4 Red Rocks Church Littleton, CO Sr. Pastor: Shawn Johnson

Growth: +2,381 (25%)

At Red Rocks Church, we believe that God has details plans for every single person! as we start to develop a relationship with Him, he not just guarantees the we spend eternity in heaven, yet He helps united state live the best feasible lives here and also now!


#5 Traders allude Christian Church Indianapolis, IN Sr. Pastor: Aaron Brockett

Growth: +1,537 (26%)

Traders suggest is a gospel-centered church that gathers because that worship, researches God"s Word, and also impacts communities in Indianapolis and also around the world. Our mission is come engage human being with the love the God, accumulate them to follow Jesus and also equip castle to offer our world.

#6 Elevate Life Church Jacksonville, FL Sr. Pastor: Tim Staier

Growth: +818 (46%)

At Elevate Life Church, us lead civilization who are far from Christ to encounter God, take on others and also elevate your world. This means everything our church does is aimed at helping human being experience God in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; build life-giving relationships and authentic community; and also discover and develop your God-given function that provides a difference in the world.

#7 Life Church green Bay De Pere, WI Sr. Pastor: Shawn Hennessy

Growth: +832 (37%)

We room an interdenominational, Bible-based church existing come teach deep theology indigenous the Bible, engage in worship and also walk the Jesus journey. Ours vision is come build much better people by pointing them come Christ and also walking the journey through them.

#8 elevation Church Matthews, NC Sr. Pastor: Steven Furtick

Growth: +3,984 (19%)

We think that worship opens our understanding to see the proof of God"s existence all roughly us. Worship lets us celebrate God"s faithfulness and also show our gratitude for his occupational in ours lives. We exist therefore that human being far native God will be increased to life in Christ.

#9 Cornerstone Chapel Leesburg, VA Sr. Pastor: Gary Hamrick

Growth: +1,007 (25%)

Cornerstone Chapel is a community of believers in Jesus Christ the exists to glorify God v the teaching and also application the God"s Word, and also through personal and this firm worship, with an emphasis on equipping loyalty for service within the church to strengthen the body of Christ, and also for service outside the church come minister the gospel that Christ.

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#10 Berean Baptist Church Burnsville, MN Sr. Pastor: Wes Feltner

Growth: +669 (34%)

Our civilization have been awakened afresh to the beauty beauty of Jesus and the real-life definition of what Jesus has done because that us. As such renewal, we have a society at our church whereby it is yes sir to no be OK. World come with genuine struggles, ready for real hope that can only be uncovered in the gospel that Jesus.

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