Muslims praying peacefully in Bangladesh during Friday prayer. Photo credit: understanding Photography/Shutterstock.com The Muslim populace is the youngest amongst all other major religions that the world. Muslims produce more children than any kind of other religious group that has actually a large presence in the world. Another large boost to the Muslim population is your concentration in regions of the world that are set to experience the fastest expansion in the coming decades.

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follow to the Pew research Center’s studies, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. Forecasts imply that in the second fifty percent of the 21st century, Muslims will replace Christians together the world’s largest religious group. The an international Muslim populace is projected to boost from 1.8 exchange rate to 3 exchange rate from 2015 come 2060. In 2060, Muslims will stand for 31.1% that the global population, a far-reaching increase native 24.1% in 2015. Also, the world’s Muslim population is projected to thrive twice as quick (grow by 70%) as the worldwide population (grow by 32%) in the coming decades.

So, what factors will journey this rapid growth in the Muslim population? below is what study studies suggest:

The relatively Young Muslim populace

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The Muslim populace is the youngest among all other major religions the the world. This populace has a median period of only 24 (as of 2015). Christians who at this time are the world largest religious community have a median age of 30. Hindus have a median age of 27 but the fertility rate and also total populace of this religious group are much lower than that the Muslims. Every other significant religious groups have a median period of over 30 years.

High Fertility prices

Another major reason supporting the development of Islam is the high fertility prices of Muslim women. Muslims produce an ext children than any kind of other religious group that has a large presence in the world. On average, Muslim women have a fertility rate of 2.9 while the average figure for every non-Muslims is 2.2. Christians have actually the next highest fertility price of 2.6. Thus, a high variety of Muslims the child-bearing age producing much more children fosters a rapid development of the world’s Muslim population.

Most Muslims Live In world Fastest-growing areas

Sufi dervishes conference for religious rituals in Omdurman top top November 09, 2007 in Khartoum, Sudan. Photo credit: Martchan/Shutterstock.com
Another big boost to the Muslim populace is their concentration in areas of the civilization that are set to experience the fastest growth in the coming decades. End one-third of all Muslims that the civilization reside in the center East and Africa that room projected to have rapidly farming populations. However, also within the nations of these regions, the Muslims are growing in larger numbers 보다 followers of any other religion because of the two determinants mentioned above.

Religious convert Is reasonably Low

In most Muslim majority countries, religious switching has been discovered to be fairly low. Often, countries strictly adhering to Islamic laws, subject their citizens to major punishments for apostasy. In general, most Muslims who room born to Muslim parents, normally adhere to Islam and also do no switch your religion. ~ above the contrary, the Christian populace is intended to dwindle as a huge section that born Christians room expected to end up being non-believers or recognize with no faith in the years to follow. These people additionally tend to develop fewer children.

Reasons Why Muslims space The world’s Fastest-growing religious Group

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RankMajor ReligionEstimated percentage readjust in populace size (2015-2060)
5Folk Religions+5
7Other Religions0