Dodge more than likely did that purposely to store the sanctity of the Demon alive and ever-present. The distinction is that the Demon to be released together a limited production model that to be capped at 3,000 units for the U.S. Market and just 300 devices for the Canadian market. The Challenger SRT Demon stop a unique place in muscle auto nirvana, thus opening the door because that the Challenger SRT Super share to lay claim to the title of the fastest and most an effective muscle vehicle in the world.

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What deserve to we intend from the dodge Challenger SRT supervisor Stock?


The all-new dodge Challenger SRT Super share arrives in a wide-body and carries the very same 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine that powers the Hellcat Redeye.
But that’s where the similarities end in between the two monster muscle cars. Instead of producing the same 797-horsepower output as the Redeye, Dodge squeezed an extra 10 horsepower the end of the supervisor Stock’s super charge V-8, resulting in an calculation of 807 horsepower and also 707 pound-feet that torque. You’ll notice that the supervisor Stock’s power number is one horsepower shy that the SRT Demon’s 808-horsepower calculation (with a 91-octane fuel rating). Is that a happy simultaneously or evade intentionally keeping the SRT Demon as its crown jewel? I’d to speak it’s the latter, and also if it is the case, it’s safe to say that the supervisor Stock might be the last new iteration that the current-generation Challenger.

Is there an ext to the dodge Challenger SRT super Stock than a 10-horsepower bump end the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye?


The Challenger SRT super Stock’s 807-horsepower output will undoubtedly record all the headlines, and also justifiably so. But there’s an ext to the super Stock than the quantity of strength it’s packing underneath that lengthy hood. The supervisor Stock’s wide-body frame hides a set of lightweight 18-inch wheel that room each covering in 315-section-width Nitto NT05R drag radials. This are dedicated tires that room meant to aid the Super share showcase its could in the traction strip.

At the really least, the tires, along with the drag-optimized suspension tuning the comes by means of the Bilstein adaptive dampers in track Mode, can assist the Challenger SRT at sight Stock accomplish a 0-to-60- mph time in simply 3.5 come 3.6 seconds.

These figures are only estimates, however given the performance advantages the at sight Stock has actually over the Hellcat Redeye, the not tough to imagine the former outpacing the latter’s 3.8-second, sprint-to-60-mph time through 0.2 to 0.3 seconds.


Speaking the the suspension, Dodge provided the exact same suspension blueprint because that the super Stock as it walk in the Demon. In monitor Mode, for example, the at sight Stock’s prior suspension is set for firm compression and also soft rebound. Meanwhile, the behind suspension keeps it firm compression and also rebound. This setup helps the supervisor Stock carry as much pack as possible to the rear, helping boost its power capabilities, an especially in the traction strip.

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Will the evade Challenger SRT Super stock live approximately the hype?

Say what friend will around Dodge’s seeming obsession v upping the performance ante of the current-generation Challenger. Has actually it end up being too much? Perhaps. Yet you can’t deny the the outcomes speak for themselves. The dodge Challenger SRT super Stock will certainly arrive quickly — it will be obtainable to order in ~ dealers around the summertime with production collection to commence in the loss — and when that does, you have the right to expect it to dominate headlines.

Pricing estimates contact for the Challenger SRT Super stock to cost much more than the $80,190 Redeye, so nothing be surprised if you finish up having actually to spend somewhere in the $85,000 range to be able to go residence with what is currently the fastest and most powerful muscle automobile in the world not called the Demon.