Seems like just yesterday the Magic facility Dwight Howard was a slim teenager, make the leap from high institution to the pros.

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But he is close to finishing his saturday season, having filled the end his body and also various stat sheets roughly the league.

On Sunday, versus the Phoenix Suns, Howard surpassed 10,000 point out in his NBA job — and he just turned 25 in December.

Howard came to be the fifth-fastest player in NBA history to reach 10,000 clues — in ~ 25 years, 95 days.

The height 5:

1. LeBron James, 10,007 points, 23 years, 59 days: 2. Kobe Bryant, 10,006 points, 24 years,194 days; 3. Carmelo Anthony, 10,005 points, 24 years, 251 days; 4. Tracy McGrady, 10,003 points, 24 years, 272 days; Howard, 10,003 points, 25 years, 95 days.

It"s no surprised that four of the top 5 fastest firearms took the prep-to-pro route, acquiring a quick start together teenage sensations. (Anthony invested some time in ~ Syracuse.)

Howard additionally is closeup of the door in on ending up being the Magic"s all-time leading scorer, and should happen Nick Anderson in ~ 10,650 points next season.

If over there is a following season, the is.

Opponents can"t prevent Howard, but a an extensive lockout could delay the ceremony.

He still should be able to break Anderson"s record also if the NBA plays about fifty percent a season.

It take it Anderson 10 seasons to break the 10,000-point obstacle with the Magic, however he had to share the round with Shaquille O"Neal, penny Hardaway and Dennis Scott for fifty percent his career.

Howard clearly would have joined the 10,000-point society sooner if he was a far better free-throw shooter — or if he had been fed the ball much more his an initial year.

In his rookie season, then-coach Johnny Davis hardly ever designed any kind of plays because that Howard, that was extremely raw and unsophisticated offensively in ~ 18 year old.

"If he wants the ball," Davis said, "he have the right to go up and get it."


What Davis supposed was the Howard"s points greatly would come from attack rebounds, put-backs and also dunks.

That no longer is the case, that course. Obtaining Howard the ball is project No. 1 because that his teammates, and when it isn"t in his possession, it is quite noticeable.

Howard wasn"t happy that didn"t get the sphere enough previously in the expedition at golden State, and coach Stan van Gundy took much of the blame for the oversight.

The Magic got caught up in a shootout through the Warriors. Yet Van Gundy and also Howard"s teammates established the all-star at an early stage in a success Sunday at Phoenix. Howard had 12 shoot attempts, making six ar goals for 18 the his 26 point out in the first half.

"We just need to play our game, inside-out," Howard said. "We can"t acquire into one up-and-down video game with part teams."

Howard has actually come along gradually in his offensive evolution due to the fact that that very first season in 2004, together some large men do. He winner the protective Player the the Year compensation twice, and has led the organization in rebounding and also blocked shots.


"I never look at the points. I still have to play defense, rebound and also block shots," he said.

Told the scorers regularly have a foot up on most MVP races, Howard said, "They acquired to consider defense in what is an MVP."

This season, though, Howard has had actually a breakout year offensively, showing much more moves and jump-shots. That arguably has actually been the most leading player the last 2 months of the season, earning the player the the month award because that February, averaging roughly 26 points and 15 rebounds per game.

And fine on his method to his next 10,000.

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