The Jersey devil Coaster -- collection to debut in 2021 at 6 Flags great Adventure-- had its final track piece set on Monday. (Courtesy/Six Flags)

After COVID-19 delayed the debut of six Flags great Adventure’s Jersey-est ride yet, the Jersey adversary Coaster’s construction has struggle a milestone.

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The final piece the the Jersey evil one Coaster’s monitor was placed on Monday, six Flags announced, topping the coaster off at 130 feet. When the coaster opens later this year (no official day has been set), it will be the world’s tallest, longest, and also fastest single-rail coaster.

Iron workers from TCN & Co, the ride’s building company which is based in Marlton, together with the ride’s manufacturer and also Six Flags task supervisor, signed the final piece that orange steel prior to it was lifted and also placed.

There are still countless steps in the building process including installing the attach lift, the drive station, the ride controls and the devil-themed trains along with testing and inspections. The building procedure was slowed by COVID-19 as the several of the metal parts of the coaster were unable to be manufactured.

“Legend states the Jersey devil has haunted the pine Barrens because that centuries, soaring stealthily v the woods in the dark of night before attacking the prey,” the park said once it announced the coaster in the summer of 2019. “Modern-day folklore also places this beast near the theme park’s an excellent Lake, with its menacing, cut horns manifesting under a full moon.”


The Jersey adversary Coaster -- collection to debut in 2021 at six Flags great Adventure-- had actually its last track piece collection on Monday. (Courtesy/Six Flags)

The Jersey evil one will reach a elevation of 13 stories and hit speeds as rapid as 58 miles per hour, when hurtling riders seated single-file through “foreboding woods” along an ext than 3,000 feet of track. The ride’s four sleek trains will organize 12 passenger each as they slit low and also inline through their legs straddling either side of the monorail track. The drive will function an 87 degree drop and five inversions.

Six Flags great Adventure, the Garden State’s biggest theme park, opened up this summer through a plethora that COVID-19 constraints in place.

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