The record-setting ticket was offered to the driver that a red Ferrari Testarossa. Photo: SeeMonterey via Flickr.

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The Swiss courts simply handed under the world’s many expensive speeding ticket: 299,000 Swiss francs, or simply under $290,000. According to the BBC, the motorist was barreling v a tiny village in ~ 85 miles every hour: 35 mph over the rate limit. Due to the fact that the Swiss, like countless European countries, assess greater speeding penalty to those with a greater ability to pay and because he to be a repeat offender, this millionaire had to part with a small fortune. In Switzerland, even the rich have a strong incentive come follow website traffic laws.

Stateside, the fines for speeding room bit an ext lenient. Last August, an off-duty Ohio police officer was caught driving 147 mph down the highwayand go away through a $150 fine and also a six-month suspension the his driver’s license. Because that the rich, penalty for traffic crime amount to a pittance. Millionaire CEO Richard Anderson to be driving at an approximated 60 mph ~ above the highways of the gaue won District once he struck and killed Florence Cioffi in January 2008. Despite refusing a Breathalyzer test and initially leaving the step of the crash, Anderson was able to plea down to a 16-day jail sentence, 250 hours of community service, and also a fine.

The amount? $350.

After 2 weeks, it’s clear the priziv.org’s new automated rate camera program needs much an ext leeway native Albany in order come wrestle the city’s dangerous speeding trouble under control. Under the legislation that state legislators passed to enable the program, rate cameras are currently operable just from one hour before the institution day begins to <…>
NYPD’s noticeable bid to criminalize recreational cycling in main Park took another surreal revolve this morning. One main after hundreds of civilization asked police to protect against the irrational barrage that red light tickets because that cyclists in the park, NYPD has apparently doubled under on its bicycle enforcement blitz. Cycling article boards lit up today with <…>
Pedestrians have a slim possibility of living with a collision through a driver travel 10 mph over the city rate limit — which quiet doesn’t accomplish at the very least one cop’s threshold because that issuing a ticket. The post ran a damning post last weekend top top reckless yellow cab drivers. Armed with a radar gun, a reporter <…>

Queens Rep Barbara Clark Searches for solutions to fatal Speeding Epidemic

By Brad Aaron | Dec 5, 2012
After a fatal crash in her district, a state representative from monarchs is again phone call on Albany to double fines because that speeding, yet with NYPD issuing few tickets, lax traffic enforcement proceeds to be the best obstacle to safer streets. Barbara Clark, State Assembly Member from majesties Village, introduced a bill in might that would certainly <…>
Remember, after the beginning of the Uncivil Servants internet site critical spring, the retirement NYPD officer that wrote, "Ungrateful for free Scum… we execute not summons our own!" we were reminded of the infamous and highly entertaining NYPD rant after ~ Sean Roche the Newton Streets and also Sidewalks forwarded along this news story indigenous London wherein city <…>
George Calderaro slowed under to go v red lights in a quiet residential area — and also got more than $2,000 in ticket from the very same NYPD officer!

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CYCLE the RAGE: State DMV should Stop Treating chauffeurs of 30-Pound Bikes The exact same as drivers of 3,200-Pound Cars

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