Sold in the distinctive pouch, Capri sunlight is a childhood staple. That doesn't psychic squeezing the fruit drink down on a warm day at what felt like record speed? but what is the fastest time anyone has ever finished a Capri Sun? A brother college college student knows: the recently collection the Guinness people Record.

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Declan Evans—a 20-year-old native Lincoln, England—explained come The Lincolnite that he wasn't have to a experienced drinker. Instead, that simply collection out with the goal of wanting to become a Guinness civilization Record holder in April to attend to lockdown boredom—so he began perusing documents that the organization had collection a benchmark for, yet that hadn't in reality been attempted. That's when a lover kids' drink caught his eye: more quickly time come drink a Capri Sun.

To collection the record, every Evans had to perform was take it "any commercially available, unmodified 200 ml Capri sunlight pouch," together Guinness civilization Records explained, and document himself spend it "using the straw"—which must begin the difficulty "still inside the plastic film and still glued to the side"—in about 18 seconds. After ~ a couple of tries, on august 27, Evans traction of his record-setting attempt: 16.65 seconds.

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"It is a stupid record to hold, however that is the funny of the Guinness world Records," Evans, who obtained his official Guinness civilization Record certificate in October, called The Lincolnite. "I think that will certainly get beaten. Ns wouldn't say it was that fast. That is a silly record anyone deserve to try, but I am proud to have it and also it is quiet a civilization record. When I achieved it, it was rather rewarding, and I want to try an ext records in the future."

Specifically, Evans stated he's hope to ultimately hold at least five people records and also is currently eyeing increase a pair including the faster time running a mile while carrying someone top top a stretcher and fastest time swimming across the flow Humber. Granted, no of those offer lot nostalgia, however I guess: v every record can't be eating Munchos or the biggest mouthful of large League Chew.