20 Tallest Waterslides In The U.S. Where men Will Probably lose Their Trunks If you"re fear of heights, you can want to turn back now. This crazy water slides room all well over 6 story high.

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who doesn"t love a great water park? They"re a fun method to win the summer warm with family and also friends. Some people love come relax top top a lazy flow or ~ pretend they"re in ~ a coast in the tide pool. However what if you"re searching for a little much more of a thrill? I"ve acquired a perform of the 20 tallest water slides in the USA and they"re bound to assist you obtain wet and wild!

If you"re afraid of heights, you might want to turn ago now. This crazy water slides room all fine over 6 story high. Some room twice that height! native water coasters to pipe slides to free fall attractions, this list has actually a slide because that everyone. The best part is girlfriend can discover these super high water slides almost everywhere the country from California come Wisconsin to Florida. If girlfriend love come scream her head off at a water park, why not arrangement a road trip to hit up all of these scary fun rides?

Climb come the top, take a deep breath, and also let yourself plummet down few of the world"s most exciting water park attractions. Keep reading to learn much more about every 20 of these terrifying slides!

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first up ~ above this list is the Bahama Blaster. Located at 6 Flags Fiesta Texas in san Antonio, TX, this is technically the slide v the shortest drop on this list yet it"s far from boring. In ~ a towering 60 ft, this attraction autumn riders native launch capsules, enabling you come gain speeds up to 40 mph! that is likewise the steepest water on slide in the world, therefore it"s certainly not for the faint of heart! after ~ free-falling 6 stories, you"ll twist and turn through clear tube alongside other riders prior to you finish up in a tide pool shaped prefer Texas.

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space you super right into thrill rides? climate the Python Plummet in ~ Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom located in Allentown, PA is perfect for you. This daring attraction, comprised of three unique body slides, rises 65 feet over the ground, yet it will just take friend a few seconds to reach the bottom. Riders stand in a chamber and also after a countdown, the floor drops out listed below you! then comes a series of curves and also loops v a clean tunnel wherein you"ll obtain speeds of as much as 26 feet per second. Once you reach the bottom, you will certainly hardly know which means is up!

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Did girlfriend love the drop slide in Dorney Park? now you have the right to do the bigger and better on Vanish Point. This ride, situated at Adventure Island in Tampa, FL is not for the faint of heart. Was standing in among the two colorful launching boxes, cross your arms and also legs, and get prepared to cost-free fall 70 feet! then you"ll course v 425 feet of amazing twists and also turns, ending up in a long splash operation at the finish of your journey. The best component of Vanish suggest is the souvenir photo. Beat the Florida heat and get her heart pump on this impressive slide!

17 black color Snake Summit

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For countless of us, even the believed of snakes provides our hearts win a small faster. This slide named after castle does the same thing. Black Snake Summit at six Flags Hurricane Harbor functions 4 unique slides, all terrifying. Towering in ~ 75 feet above the ground, these rides room the tallest attached slides in California. Not just are they tall, yet the slides are fully dark inside, making every twist and also turn a full surprise. You"ll it is in racing along without a proviso what"s coming next. Together if they weren"t scary enough! Head to Valencia, CA to challenge your fear on this attraction!

Thrill seekers can obtain their to fill of screams ~ above Ihu"s Breakaway Falls. Situated at SeaWorld Orlando"s Aquatica water park in Orlando, FL this ride is composed of three totally free fall autumn slides. After the floor drops out from under you in the start capsule, you"ll tumble 80 ft down right into the slide"s exciting curves. In fact, this ride is the steepest multi-drop water on slide in Orlando. What makes it distinct is that you never recognize which capsule will certainly release first, making it extra funny to ride v friends! This attraction might be called after one of the park"s cute mascots, yet it"s anything however tame.

15 Cliffhanger

It"s one thing to complimentary fall in a tunnel slide, however it"s even much more terrifying to perform it top top an open water slide! You deserve to do simply that top top the Cliffhanger slides situated at Schlitterbahn Park in Galveston, TX. Climb the many stairs to the peak of this slide and also get prepared to plummet 81 ft into a splash run below. V a at sight steep angle, you"ll feel choose you"re going straight down! It"s no wonder why this insane slides to be featured on the take trip Channel show Xtreme Waterparks! space you brave sufficient to face this ride?

additionally located at the Schlitterbahn Park in Galveston, TX, the MASSIV Monster Blaster is a on slide that absolutely fits its name. At 81ft tall, this ride is the tallest water coaster top top the planet. You"ll get blasted up and also down hills and around curves, all while enjoy it a dizzying light show inside the slide tunnel prior to splashing under in a triple fall finale right into the pool. This is the perfect ride because that those thrill seekers who are bored through the same old water slides. Take a friend together brave together you and also ride it if you dare!

13 Breakers Plunge

once you think of areas to go for the ideal water slides, Shakopee, MN is no the very first place that concerns mind. However head to Valleyfair, one amusement and water park, and get all set to splash down. Breakers Plunge is a collection of 2 twin open slides that drop girlfriend 90 ft nearly straight down. There"s no comforting tunnel to this ride . . . Just the sky over you! it is in brave and shot this ride yourself or challenge a pal come a gyeongju to the bottom. The won"t take long when you"re free falling!

Walt Disney world is among the many iconic vacation destinations on earth. But did you know that they likewise have their very own water parks? situated in Orlando, FL, Disney"s Blizzard beach Water Park is residence to amazing theming and also even far better attractions. The Slush Gusher, a 90 ft tall body slide, sends you zooming end rolling hills for high-speed funny and significant air time. Uneven the autumn slides, this is perfect because that a much longer amount that watery excitement wherein else however a ski resort-themed park have the right to you journey a water slide v snow all about you?

11 action Park Zero-G

If you desire a truly distinct water on slide experience, you"ve acquired to head come Vernon Township, NJ. Hill Creek water park is residence to ZERO-G, a 99 ft high drop slide that gives you the closest emotion you can acquire to zero heaviness while riding a water slide. This attraction is the tallest twin looping water on slide in the world, so it"s only for the bravest that the brave! between the complimentary fall drop, high speeds, and also beautiful watch from the top of the slide, this is one thrill seekers will want to ride over and also over again.

also located at the hill Creek water park, H2-Oh-No! is a crazy tall slide friend won"t desire to miss. This 99 ft tall body slide is perfect for those with a require for speed. It"s all the g-forces the a roller coaster yet on water! This slide will certainly send girlfriend soaring virtually straight down, creating that autumn in her stomach that is equal parts scary and also thrilling. The open up slide allows you to take it in see of the beautiful mountain resort. That is, if you have the right to bear to open your eyes during this terrifying ride!

9 Scorpion"s Tail

Waterpark junkies must make an instant pilgrimage come Wisconsin Dells, WI. In ~ Noah"s Ark Waterpark, you will find this insane slide the is nothing prefer you have ever experienced before. That is death-defying 100 ft is scary enough, but that"s not what thrill seekers flock to this slide to try. After the early drop, the Scorpion"s Tail sends out you into a virtually vertical loop. To add you"ll hit speeds of end 50 feet per second! This water slide was the an initial ride the its sort in the country, so check it out if girlfriend dare!

after ~ you"ve conquered the Scorpion"s Tail, remain at Noah"s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells, WI for this next terrifying ride. The suggest of No Return has actually a spooky name and also thrills come match. This on slide 100 ft tall open up body slide sends you hurtling under an nearly vertical drop into the splash operation below. By the time you scootch out onto the sheet of the slide and also see the terror you"re in for, it"s too late to revolve back! This is a slide for people who really want to take the plunge ~ above terror!

7 Turbo Twisters

ready for some funny in the sun? Head to Myrtle waves Water Park in Myrtle Beach, SC. Their Turbo Twisters pipe slides integrate height, insane speeds, and pitch black color darkness because that a water slide experience you won"t quickly forget! First, rise the 100 ft to the height of the slides and get prepared to plunge under the elevation of a 10 story building in just seconds. Riders will certainly hit speed of 50 feet per 2nd and since you won"t have the ability to see where you"re going, it will feel even faster! This dark enclosed human body slide is one friend don"t desire to miss.

If girlfriend have overcame the other free fall drop slides ~ above this list, head to six Flags White Water in Marietta, GA for an even bigger thrill. The Dive Bomber, a 100 ft tall trap door fall slide, sends out you plummeting under at dizzying speeds. This is the tallest water on slide ever built at this park, for this reason you absolutely need to examine it out! The Dive Bomber also won Amusement Today"s golden Ticket Award for Best brand-new Water drive in 2015. This awards are provided out to theme parks approximately the world, for this reason you recognize this slide is legit!

5 ZOOMbabwe

many of the water slides top top this list are solo human body slides. But if friend are in search of an attraction you deserve to ride through friends, try the ZOOMbabwe at vacation World and also Splashin" Safari in Santa Claus, IN. Hop aboard a raft and also get prepared to autumn 102 ft on the world"s largest enclosed waterslide. You"ll endure 900 feet that twists, drops, and also turns, all in complete darkness. This ride is for this reason wild the you won"t understand whether come laugh or cry . . . However you will definitely want to ride the again!

now let"s head earlier to Disney"s Blizzard coast Water Park in Orlando, FL. Most people think Disney parks are just for little kids, yet this crazy water on slide proves otherwise. In ~ an enormous 120 ft, Summit Plummet can be watched from all around the Walt Disney human being resort. Modeled after ~ a ski slope, this autumn on this on slide is so steep, girlfriend can"t view where you"re going until you are on your means there! This ride is one of the tallest and fastest free-fall human body slides in the world, and also it"s open so you can soak up the Florida sun.

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3 Deep Water Dive

currently that we"ve reached drops of over 100 feet, we"re right into the water slides the are just for major adrenaline junkies. For a important terrifying experience, make a pilgrimage to Louisville, KY. Deep Water Dive, located at the Kentucky Kingdom and also Hurricane Bay, is a catch door autumn slide, yet don"t think you"ve done anything favor it before. One look in ~ this on slide has numerous riders turning around. At an astonishing 121 ft tall v a 70-degree drop, you won"t know what hit you. The entire ride takes just a few seconds, but it"s other you"ll remember because that the rest of her life!

If you"ve to be to Orlando, FL you have probably checked out the top volcano towering over Universal"s Volcano just water park. This hill is residence to the two tallest water slides in the USA! This duo the 124 ft high serpentine body slides is no for the pass out of heart. Hop right into one of the launch capsules and also wait because that the trap door to release you right into one the the slides before you splash down into the pool. This is the perfect attraction come ride through a friend, together you"ll riding neck-and-neck top top the linked slides.

1 Ko"okiri body Plunge

at 125 ft tall, the Ko"okiri body Plunge in Orlando, FL is the tallest water slide in the country. Located at Universal"s Volcano Bay, this insane trap door autumn slide has you cost-free falling for what feels prefer forever. And also did I cite that the autumn is a at sight steep 70 degrees? You"ll reach dizzying speed . . . That is if girlfriend are even brave sufficient to be launched into the waters below in the first place. Universal dares you to "Brave the Volcano" v this attraction. It"s the ultimate difficulty for water slide lovers, so offer it a go!