If you have actually an iPhone, you"ve probably heard around the dispute over Apple on purpose slowing under batteries on older phones.

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But It"s not just a 2-year old phone call problem. Also some owner of newer phones say their iPhone doesn"t survive the whole day.

If her iPhone battery is running down by lunchtime, apple will currently replace the battery on many iPhones for simply $29. But yes, it"s a little bit of a hassle, together you have to make an meeting at the Apple save or ship it in (and need to live without your phone because that 5 days).

Try these things before you to buy a new battery

But if friend don"t want to resolve the battery fix yet, and also you don"t prefer the idea of someone opening your phone, below are six things to try very first to make the battery critical longer.

1. When your phone states low battery, move to Low strength mode. The disables updates and also synching, and also makes that last 20 percent critical longer. A lot of human being just i disbanded Low power mode: poor idea, because your phone will certainly be down to 2% in about 20 minute of use.

2. Rotate off WiFi and also Bluetooth once you room not using them. Through WiFi on, her phone is constantly in search of a WiFi signal. Vice versa, if you are using WiFi, put your phone in aircraft Mode to avoid it from trying to find a to move tower.

3. Reduced the screen brightness to 50%, unless you usage your phone outdoors in the sunshine a lot. Most human being have their brightness rotate up almost all the way, i beg your pardon is a huge battery drain. 4. Revolve off "fetching," or automatic pushing the emails to her phone. You can collection it to download emails once per hour, or set it come manually having emails only once you tell that to. 5. Turn off location Services, uneven you"re using Maps. Location Services is a big battery drain on Facebook and many other sites, as it is running your phone"s general practitioners tracking system. Uneven you are on the road, most people don"t need it.

6. Avoid excessive heat and also cold.Don"t drive through the call baking in the sunlight on her car"s dashboard.

When the doesn"t solve things...

So you have actually tried every that, and also your phone call is still to run slowand running under to low battery by 3 p.m.?

In that instance contact to apologize or one authorized fix shop and also ask around a $29 battery replacement.

Unfortunately if you have an iphone phone 5 or 5s (the phones many in need of brand-new batteries), you"ll speak "doesn"t the stink?" if friend ask for a $29 battery replacement.

That"s due to the fact that the battery replacement regimen is just for version of the iphone 6, 7, or 8. If you room still limping follow me an iphone 5, it may simply be time because that a brand-new phone.

Bottom line: if your battery tho won"t host a chargelong after ~ you do some basic settings changes, then it may a good idea to take it Apple up on its market of a brand-new battery for just $29.

That can give her older call an extra year of life, and also you don"t waste her money.

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