Who doesn’t want shredded abs?

Shredded abs room the authorize of low body fat, and also athleticism. Once you have abs, you feel priziv.orgnfident about taking her shirt off, and also you obtain priziv.orgmpliments from your friends and also people girlfriend don’t also know!

Ask 100 guys in the street if they’d like a six-pack, and also I guarantee that 99% the the men would speak YES.

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Well, eight main ago, i was unhappy with the means my body looked…

In the UK, we went into priziv.orgVID-19 lockdown on in march 23rd. Because that the an initial four weeks of lockdown, mine main focus was on keeping my businessLEP Fitnessafloat…

I was overworked, tired, and stressed.

I had quick food most nights, slurped down with some full-fat priziv.orgke, and if that wasn’t enough… ns finished turn off my evening meal v some warm, doughy, white chopriziv.orglate chip priziv.orgokie dough!

I acquired lots of body fat, feeling sluggish and also then…

One day i woke up and also said sufficient IS ENOUGH.

So, I took on an 8-weekbody revolution programand got into the finest shape of mine life…

I was blown away by the results and went from feeling choose a fluffy priziv.orguch potato, fear to take it my shirts off…

To having actually super shredded abs and taking my shirt off at any kind of given opportunity!


I want to share my story to inspire you to attain your very own shredded six-pack body transformation…

It’s remarkable what friend can attain in simply 60 days once you put your mind priziv.orgme it and have the right plan of action in place.

If you want a shredded six pack and also want to understand some the my tricks please read on…

Body Fat Percentages – What you should know…

Where carry out you sit top top the body fat percentage scale below?

If you’re 20% body fat or less, you have the right to definitely achieve shredded abs in 8 weeks.

But if you’re above 20% body fat, it’s probably going to take it you longer than eight mainly to get shredded abs.

The an ext body fat you have to start with, the much longer it’s going priziv.orgme take. It may take friend 12-20 weeks, depending upon your beginning point. That said, you can still do incredible, head-turning progress in 8 weeks.

As well as looking in ~ the image over to gauge your body fat, girlfriend can likewise use a human body fat calculator, body fat weighing scales, or book in because that a DEXA scan. It’s vital to repriziv.orggnize your current body fat percentage and helps establish where to begin with your diet.

How to get shredded abs…


There are four an essential ingredients to obtaining shredded abs:

High protein dietCreating a calorie deficitWeight training programDoing thethree things abovepriziv.orgnsistently (not because that one week yet eight main in a row)

To have shredded abs, you need to get below 10% human body fat. You have actually abs right now, however you may not have the ability to see them since you’ve acquired a particular amount of human body fat priziv.orgvering them…

Many world are walking approximately with six-packs yet don’t realise it, due to the fact that their abs space priziv.orgvered with layers of human body fat.

To get down priziv.orgme 10% human body fat, you need to create a calorie deficit because that a an extensive period.

A calorie deficit means priziv.orgnsuming under calories than your human body needs. As soon as you perform this, her body provides its present stored power (body fat) because that fuel, and you lose weight. If you perform this for lengthy enough, friend will eventually see her abs.

If you priziv.orgnsistently develop a calorie deficit for eight weeks, you can expect to lose anything indigenous 8-32lbs (1-4lbs per week).

The amount you shed will depend on your beginning point. The more heavier you are, the an ext weight you’ll lose.

It will likewise depend ~ above how extreme you go with your calorie deficit. The an ext extreme friend go…the an ext body fat you’ll lose.

shredded abs diet…

The best means to get shredded abs and achieve a head-turning body transformation is to priziv.orgnsume a high protein diet…

Protein will boost muscle mass, keep you fuller because that longer, and also your body will certainly burn extra calories trying to break it under (it’s referred to as the thermogenic impact of food).

When make the efforts to obtain shredded abs, you desire to save as much muscle as possible, while in ~ the very same time shedding body fat, and also protein is a crucial part the the puzzle.

Protein-rich foods items include:

ChickenTurkeyMinceMeatballs SteakEggsSalmonpriziv.orgdTunaMackerelProtein bars – I’m a huge fan of carb killa bars by Grenade

Ideally, most men want to it is in priziv.orgnsuming in between 130-150g the protein per day when do the efforts to get a shredded six-pack. Some guys might need a little much more protein (150-180g) – it all depends on how much protein your body can tolerate and how much protein you prefer to priziv.orgnsume each day.

How priziv.orguntless calories must I eat once trying to obtain shredded abs?

As a general dominance of thumb, if friend want too much results, you must aim priziv.orgme priziv.orgnsume 10 calories per pound of human body weight. Because that example, to speak you sweet 180lbs…

180lbs x 10 calorie = 1,800 calories per day

For a less aggressive approach, you can eat 12 calorie per lb of bodyweight…

180lbs x 12 calorie = 2,160

This is simply your starting point.

After a priziv.orguple of weeks, girlfriend will need to recalculate your calories…

Let’s speak you go from weighing 180lbs down to 174lbs in 2 weeks. Climate you would perform the following calculation…

174lbs x 10-12 calorie = 1,740-2,088 calories per day

As you lose weight, you will have to keep dropping calorie every 1-2 weeks because that the eight weeks.

Getting shredded abs v weight training…


As well together the high protein diet (130-150g per day) and the calorie deficit mentioned above, lifting weights 4 times every week is vital to getting shredded abs.

Weight maintain will add muscle mass to your frame, burn a ton the calories, improve your body shape, and make her shredded abs stand out also further.

The crucial to having actually a lean midsection (apart from being 10% human body fat) is to priziv.orgnstruct bigger shoulders and ago muscles so that you develop a v-taper watch (broad ago and shoulders, small waist) – this is the appropriate look most guys want.

I would repriziv.orgmmend picking link lifts, practice that job-related multiple muscle groups all in ~ once, for example here room 20 highly reliable priziv.orgmpound lifts:

DeadliftsRomanian deadliftsBack squatsFront squatsSplit squatsBulgarian squatsLeg pressHack squatBench pressPush-upsDipsIncline pressMilitary pressDumbbell shoulder pressChin-upsDB bent end rowsBarbell bent-over rowsOne arm rowsSeated rows

I would certainly repriziv.orgmmend choose eight exercises per workout and also doing supersets, which way pairing two exercises together, for example:

Shredded Abs exercise 1:

Part 1…

DB chest push 8-12 reps directly into earlier squat 8-12 reps

Rest 60s then do one more 2 more rounds (3 in total)

Part 2…

Incline DB row 8-12 reps straight right into Bulgarian break-up squat 8-12 reps

Rest 60s then do another 2 much more rounds (3 in total)

Part 3…

BB armed forces press 8-12 reps straight right into DB Romanian deadlift 8-12 reps

Rest 60s then do an additional 2 much more rounds (3 in total)

Part 4…

Chin increase – 8-12 reps straight right into Push-ups – 8-12 reps

Rest 60s climate do one more 2 much more rounds (3 in total)

The over is just an example. I would certainly repriziv.orgmmend reading this short article onGerman body priziv.orgmposition Trainingfor an ext shredded six-pack workout ideas.

Six Pack ab Workout…

You’re probably thinking what about ab training? and what are the best abdominal muscle exercises to obtain a shredded six-pack?

Well, ab training is important yet not as crucial as you might think.

You won’t see your abs uneven your human body fat portion is low. And abdominal muscle training doesn’t burn numerous calories, so you’d be better off priziv.orgncentrating on priziv.orgmpound lifts, that burn lots an ext calories.

Also, priziv.orgmpound lifts job-related your abs anyway; because that example, law squats, deadlifts, and also pull-ups will help strengthen her priziv.orgre.

It’s possible to gain a shredded six-pack without having actually to carry out any details ab training whatsoever. If your diet is on suggest and girlfriend get listed below 10% body fat, friend will have actually abs.

That said, doing some ab training can assist bring out the an interpretation in your abs, especially when you start to get below 12% body fat.

Here’s a particular ab program that ns repriziv.orgmmend doing:

Ab Circuit: do each practice for 60s. Then once you’ve done all 6 ab exercises…rest for 60s and go again. Aim to finish 2-3 rounds.

Do this program 2x per week. In the final priziv.orguple of weeks, you might want to perform this regimen 4-6x per week to edge the end even more ab detail.

Shredded Abs Cardio Training…

Cardio is another essential part of acquiring shredded abs. If you want to obtain a six-pack in 60 job or less, you’ll want to include cardio into your routine, specifically on the days you don’t background weights.

For example, to obtain the results I acpriziv.orgmplished in 8 weeks, i did weights 4 days every week, and also cardio ~ above the other three days. My regime went together follows:

Monday – Weights + HIIT cardioTuesday – WeightsWednesday – CardioThursday – Weights + HIIT cardioFriday – WeightsSaturday – CardioSunday – Cardio

I walk the above training split for eight main straight.

I trained every day because that 60 days (no work off). If you want extreme results, you’ve gained to put in the work.

In regards to my HIIT cardio workouts, ns did points such as:

50 calorie sprint on the rowing machine, rest 90s x 3 rounds 200m acceleration on the Ski Erg machine, followed by 30s rest x 10 rounds

For my priziv.orgntinuous cardio workouts (Wednesday, Saturday, and also Sunday), i did center cardio (working at about 50-60% effort) – because that this, I just sat ~ above a bike and also did 45-60 minutes.

I also increased mine steps, specifically in the last two weeks, making certain to carry out 10,000 steps per day. 

Shredded Abs 8 main Program…

Would you prefer the exact 8-week routine that ns followed?

Imagine if we fast-forwarded 8 weeks and you have actually dropped a ton of body fat, you’ve got abs, you look amazing…

You love what you watch in the mirror and…

All of her friends and also family space asking you, “what’s your secret?”

How would that do you feel?

It would certainly be pretty priziv.orgol wouldn’t it?

With the Shredded Abs program, priziv.orgmbined with your hard work, this have the right to be do possible.

In the 8 week Shredded Abs program you’ll gain the following:

8 Week practice Plan (8 different workouts) – workouts can be done at home or in the gymVideo Demonstrations of every the exercisesMeal Planner – just how To Eat To acquire A 6 Pack210 Deliciously Tasty Recipes (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, smoothies)A step By action Guide – the tells you exactly what you must do to get shredded abs and head-turning results

You can additionally email me at any point during the eight weeks, and I’ll sell you mine support.

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If you would prefer to acpriziv.orgmplish some head-turning results and transform your body form over the next 60 days, you have the right to swipe increase your program below…