Dang, girl! Rebel Wilson has been rockin’ she noticeable weight loss complying with her “year the health,” and we can’t help but feeling inspired! She began a commitment to a healthier way of living at the end of 2016 as soon as she divulged the she had actually lost almost 33 pounds. In might 2020, she gave an update and said it’s her “mission” to obtain down come “75 ,” i beg your pardon is 165 pounds. 

“Even if you have to crawl in the direction of your goals, store going … it will certainly be worth it. Shot and provide a small bit of initiative each day,” the key Perfect actress created on Instagram. “I recognize some days space frustrating as hell, you feeling like offering up, you acquire annoyed in ~ the absence of progress, but great things are coming your method … Both of this things room requiring a everyday effort and there’s continuous setbacks, yet I’m functioning hard.”


Make no mistake, Rebel Wilson’s exercise program is quite robust. In January 2016, the How to it is in Single actress told E! that she pounds the pavement 5 times a main to keep up her energy — and also tennis is one of her favorite methods to obtain her sweat on. “I exercise prefer a mofo. Ns do personal training like 5 times a week. I likewise love playing tennis. I’m like a beast ~ above the court,” she said. “You shooting 16 hrs a job … so did you do it really got to have actually that stamina.”

Her personal trainer, Jono Castano Acero, is constantly share videos of your workouts, which he’s always changing up. The previous football player’s world-renowned program, Acero Training collection (ATS), contains a mix of compound and HIIT exercises.

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Courtesy the Jono Castano Acero/Instagram

On she days off, Rebel has actually posted ~ above Instagram about zip lining, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and also other out activities. Rebel is absolutely keeping her power up by staying active.

In beforehand 2021, she furious what appears to be a fitness video with funny red and also pink hues and a photo of her prepared to take a swing in ~ a punching bag. The caption said “coming soon,” for this reason we have actually our finger crossed because that something cool!

So, those Rebel Wilson’s diet plan? Well, it doesn’t sound favor she has one.

Rebel told Cosmo the she can have a complicated relationship with food. “I love me some ice cream or dessert, and also it comes at times as soon as I’m happy or sad. So as soon as I have an extremely successful day, I desire to celebrate and also reward myself with food. If I’ve had actually a sad or stressful day, food is additionally comfort,” she explained. “You would probably describe it together emotional or stress-eating. Ns don’t execute drugs; ns don’t really drink … so eat is my one vice. Ns wouldn’t ever want to entirely give the up.” It appears she’s much an ext concerned v working out than restrictive dieting, and we think that’s awesome!

At this point, you may be wonder — did Rebel Wilson have weight lose surgery? hard no.

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Don’t hear to gossip — the Aussie no undergo load loss surgery. In fact, she’s always been proud of her curves. “Being unique and different was a really great thing. As soon as I walked right into my agent’s office because that the very first time , they looked in ~ me and also said, ‘Wow, we have actually nobody ~ above our publications like you.’ and also they signed me on my 2nd day here,” the Hustle star told Cosmo in 2015.

She added, “I wouldn’t ever want to complete with what I speak to ‘the glamours’ — the really gorgeous people. I’m around the brain, the heart, and also what’s top top the inside. Ns feel really lucky to it is in the body type I am.”


Although Rebel stated she notices just how her body form differs from some of her costars, she detailed that civilization still phone call her no to lose any weight. 

“People say, ‘Don’t shed weight!’ castle like, ‘You don’t desire to it is in in the weird range of like, room you thin or are you fat?’ since how do you class yourself then?” the actress, that played Fat Amy in the key Perfect series, told E! in 2016. “For me, ns think it’s about being comfortable in your very own skin. I never want come be too unhealthy, since that’s bad. You just want to it is in comfortable through who you room at every little thing size.”

To this day, the actress is a body positivity warrior. On the heels of her Torrid apparel line, Rebel introduced her own clothing brand referred to as Rebel Wilson x Angels to develop young, trendy plus-size clothing that women space excited to wear. The repertoire is complete of her wanted clothing type — bodycon whatever — and the clothes are fitted and also all around flaunting your figure.