Fat Cat Bar is a friendly underground bar to listen jazz, pat ping pong and pool.A location you can’t miss out on if you space traveling come NY.

Summary :Greenwich Village’s Fat Cat bar├ just how is the Fat Cat?├ Who room the Fat Cat’s clients├ What deserve to you find?├ What deserve to you drink at Fat Cat?├ Which type of music can you hear in ~ Fat Cat?├ Fat Cat’s Table Games├ how much does it price to play?├ My best tip:├ Fat Cat’s Location:└ Conclusion

How is the Fat Cat?

Fat Cat bar is an secret venue. To get in, you’ll have to go below to the basement of a structure thru a little hallway.


Once you space there, you’ll find a bar through wooden tables, where people is having actually fun, drinking and also playing. You’ll check out pool tables, ping pong tables, couches and also a stage on the right side.


At the finish the deco is not important, the best thing is having a an excellent time with your friends and playing gamings while you space listening to an excellent music