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Does anyone have actually this video? ns remember seeing it prefer a yr back and ns was just thinking of it.. If you know the connect to it, please post it.. It was such a funny video clip :lmao: :lol:
try browsing on google because that "fat boy paintball" or something prefer that and you will discover it, also shot
Got it! many thanks to KawieRider! damn this is so funny! :lol: :lmao: :lol:
Got it! many thanks to KawieRider! cursed this is for this reason funny! :lol: :lmao: :lol:
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Pretty funny, but you have the right to see that grin after he yells in ~ the other kid. Kinda destroyed it reason it to be staged :tdown:
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Pretty funny, yet you deserve to see him grin after he yells in ~ the other kid. Kinda damaged it cause it was staged :tdown:
Ya.. You deserve to hear the paintball shoot prior to he even screams, its choose "puummf puummf" ......OWWThen at the finish its hitting the water and also he"s saying ow..But its hilarious.. Stop IT friend FU(KER no LMAO
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