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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — The Hamilton ar Sheriff’s room is investigating a fatal crash that declared two students lives and also injured two others.

The department claimed the crash happened about 5:15 p.m. In the area the Lacy Road and 281st Street in Hamilton County and also involved two vehicles.

According come police, all deceased and injured to be traveling in ~ the same car on their method to Hamilton Heights High institution prom once the accident occurred.

Police exit the names of the deceased high school students together Lendon Byram and also Kalen Hart, who investigators say to be both driver and also front chair passenger of the vehicle.

Early Sunday morning, Cathedral High college in Indianapolis evidenced via facebook that Byram is a student in the class of 2022, and offered its assistance for his family, friends, and all who knew and loved him.

The two various other injured students were transported to a hospital in Indianapolis through non-life-threatening injuries and also have since been released.

Police say currently drugs and also alcohol are not thought to be a element in the crash and also the cause remains under investigation.

Superintendent Derek Arrowood through the Hamilton Heights school Corporation said Saturday’s prom was collection to be hosted at the upstream Banquet center in Kokomo.

Upon learning of the accident, Arrowood claimed all prom-related activities were canceled, and the district conveniently notified family members and set up a dilemm support team the grief counselors, available at both the banquet center and Hamilton Heights High college Media Center.

“We share our heartfelt condolences to the family members of the students influenced by this tragedy,” stated Superintendent Dr. Derek Arrowood, Hamilton Heights school Corporation.

“No one expects something favor this to happen, and when that does, it leaves whole community grieving. Please keep these families and also our student in her thoughts and also prayers.”

Arrowood said they are working on plan to proceed supporting students and also the neighborhood in the comes days and weeks and will share more on those plans as they space finalized.

“In a school this size, everybody’s impacted and in a community this tight knit, everybody’s impacted,” claimed Arrowood.

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He mutual that the ar prepares because that a crisis and has plan in place in the event they are ever before needed. He stated although they hope to never ever use them, this evening they to be able come activate their plan and also immediately begin to find ways to support students.

“It’s a tragedy the you can’t put into words and my heart simply breaks because that the families, and also my heart just breaks for those kids, and also my heart division for this community and what we’ll carry out is simply love on every other and we’ll acquire through this,” the said.