Unfortunately, deadly car crashes are a typical occurrence in Atlanta. On average, four human being die in deadly collisions across the state that Georgia every day.

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In 2019, almost 1,500 civilization were killed in vehicle crashes. Roughly 60% of victims were not wearing seatbelts. Most deadly crashes are led to by unsafe control behaviors, such as distractions, impairments, or speeding.

If you shed a love one in a recent automobile accident, we urge you to speak v a wrongful death lawyer to testimonial your rights and protect your family members while they space going through this an overwhelming time.

Next steps After a Fatal automobile Crash

The investigation phase the a wrongful death case is among the most crucial parts the a case. A complete, thorough, and also aggressive inspection is necessary to develop the wrongful death cause of action as conveniently as possible.

The best means to achieve this is by rental an knowledgeable wrongful fatality attorney. At our firm, our personal injury team looks at the following:

Police Reports and also Officers

One of the first things that must be excellent is to request all police accident reports concerning the deadly crash.

Law enforcement officials that were in ~ the step of the vehicle accident, or to be charged v investigating the collision and also interviewing witnesses or the defendants may likewise be contacted and interviewed.

This also permits us come double-check the police report against what witnesses or the police it was observed to ensure accuracy. Some police reports skip details the aren’t regarded criminal charges but could be helpful in polite court.

Specialized Collision restoration Team Reports

The Georgia State Patrol has actually a specialized Collision reconstruction Team (SCRT) that investigates deadly car accidents within the state. That is created of investigators who are specially trained to reconstruct the crash and properly file evidence indigenous the collision, which may be provided in court.

The team members space strategically stationed throughout the state therefore they deserve to assist troopers and also officers in the ar with deadly wrecks. The report the SCRT team gives is invaluable details for assessing fault, vehicle speed, areas of impact, and other an essential factors.

911 Accident Recordings

It’s vital to secure a copy of any type of 911 tapes that the fatal auto crash to discover out that called, what castle may have actually witnessed, and also what to be said. This tapes regularly have critical information that permits car accident lawyers to further investigate the claim and also interview callers with follow-up questions regarding the incident.

Spoliation Letters

When there are corporate or agency defendants and insurance suppliers involved, an attorney will automatically send a spoliation letter come the defendant driver, your insurance, or the defendant firm (such as a hospital).

A spoliation letter is essentially a notification to the opposing parties in a wrongful death case that request they keep any and all evidence that might have any bearing whatsoever on the claim. This is a demand that they execute not destroy or conveniently “misplace or delete” evidence.

If the parties reason the destruction, alteration, or the lose of any of these documents or product things, that will give rise to a legal presumption that the evidence would have actually been harmful to your side the the case.

Medical Bills and also Records

Copies the the deceased person’s medical bills and medical records from the deadly accident, as well as all prior clinical records, will likely be needed. It is often important to interview the responding EMTs to find out what initiatives were carry out to try and save the victim at the scene or during the ambulance ride come the emergency room.

Post-Accident Statements

The actual perpetrator that the accident or crime is often willing to confess to what happened, specifically if they space remorseful and/or the criminal charges have actually been resolved. We desire to certain any and also all statements castle may have made in ~ the step of the wreck to anyone, and also any potential admissions of responsibility after the crash.

Funeral and also Burial Costs

Part that the wrongful fatality claim process after a fatal crash is to gather every information and bills because that the deceased who funeral, cremation, or burial. If the death arisen out the state, or if the interment is to take place in an additional location that needs transport that the body, these prices can also be included in the inquiry for damages and reimbursement.

Working through the Media

There room times when news media outlets might report top top the deadly crash or incident which led to the wrongful death. Digital news articles, videos, and also social media short articles are all helpful in recreating the scene and also understanding what happened. If needed, extr investigation and conversations with the media reporters might be performed to gather much more information.

Fatal car Accident Lawyers

A thorough investigation early on is the basic foundation upon i beg your pardon a vehicle accident and also wrongful death claim can be built. It is essential to know not only what come investigate, however who will help you in this investigation.

This is where endure is therefore important. You need a legislation firm that is structured with the staff, equipment, resources, and finances come perform all of the crucial functions provided above and also more.

To aid families who have actually lost a loved one in a crash, Attorneys Gary boy name Hays and also Sarah Jett composed the publication The authority on Wrongful Death insurance claims in Georgia. Totally free copies are listed to every our clients.

Our law firm take away the burden off of grieving families during this time-consuming and challenging process. We occupational to make certain the value of the life the the human being lost is no ignored or underwritten.

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These are the hardest cases we are referred to as to represent but we do so discovering that that is in service to those justice and also closure the most. Even if it is the wreck happened today, yesterday, or recently, please give Gary martin Hays & Associates a speak to at (770) 934-8000 for instant legal help with your case.