Atlanta is just one of the fastest-growing cities in the unified States. It’s residence to more than 498,000 people. Thousands much more venture into the city every day come work, walk to school, and also enjoy all that it has to offer.

Major highways, including I-85 and I-75, run v the love of the city, which method millions of people pass with Atlanta and Fulton ar on their way to and also from various other parts that the country.

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So, that no surprised that car accidents are relatively common in and also around the city. If you’ve to be hurt in auto accident, contact our Atlanta car accident lawyers now for a complimentary consultation.

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How common Are Car accidents in Atlanta?


Accident crash data published by the Georgia Governor’s Office that Highway safety reveals that car accidents have become a large problem in Fulton County.

Since 2014, the variety of crashes on ar roads has fluctuated a lot.

That year, there to be 46,887 reported web traffic accidents. Through 2017, accidents had boosted by 33 percent, for a complete of 63,984. In 2018, the number of total collisions in Atlanta and also Fulton ar dropped, as soon as the region saw 45,944 collisions.

Between 2014 and also 2018, this way that, in Fulton County, over there is an mean of:

4,593 car accidents every month151 car crashes every day, or6 car crashes every hour.

Most that the crashes in Fulton county unfold in ~ Atlanta’s city limits. Follow to Georgia electronic Accident Reporting system (GEARS) data, there to be a total of 30,875 collisions taped by the Atlanta Police department in 2018. That’s two-thirds (67 percent) of all accidents in Fulton County, Georgia.

In 2019, 34,446 car accidents were reported to the Atlanta PD. Despite the fact that the city, state, and country were effectively under a lockdown for most of 2020, Atlanta still witnessed 21,478 auto mishaps in 2020.

That’s a staggeringly high number because that a city that’s home to less than 500,000 people. And, these numbers don’t factor in accidents reported to or handled by different law enforcement agencies.

How major Are Car mishaps in Atlanta, GA?


On an average day in Atlanta, there’s an median of one auto accident every four hours. So, mishaps aren’t uncommon. Space those accidents serious, though? Crash data and also statistics indicate that yes, lock are.

Injury-Causing website traffic Accidents

In 2013, there were 43,775 motor auto crashes in Fulton County. That those accidents, 14,078 led to an injury. That’s around one-third the all web traffic accidents. In 2018, there were 45,944 car crashes in Fulton County. About 30 percent, or 17,947 accidents, brought about an injury. So, typically speaking, about one out of every 3 collisions in Fulton County reasons an injury of some sort.

Fatal vehicle Accidents

Not everyone that is affiliated in a vehicle accident in or about Fulton ar survives. Sadly, traffic accident fatalities have actually surged over the past few years:

2014: 77 fatalities2015: 104 fatalities2016: 130 fatalities2017: 115 fatalities2018: 131 fatalities2019: 144 fatalities

As you can see, the variety of car accident deaths enhanced by a chuck 52 percent in between 2013 and 2016. If the number dropped slightly the complying with year, it’s clear that crashes in Fulton County are still a severe problem.

What space the Leading causes of deadly Car mishaps in Atlanta?

Every three days, there’s a fatal auto accident in or approximately Atlanta. These crashes occur for a lot of of different reasons. Crash data suggests, however, that particular factors add to deadly collisions more than others. The two leading causes include alcohol and also speeding.

Alcohol and also Fatal Crashes

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very dangerous. It significantly increases the danger of one accident and serious injuries. Sadly, the variety of fatal crashes led to by drunk drivers in Fulton County has increased due to the fact that 2013.

2013: 21 crashes (24.7 percent)2014: 19 crashes (24.6 percent)2015: 31 crashes (29.8 percent)2016: 36 crashes (27.6 percent)2017: 28 crashes (24.3 percent)2018: 37 crashes (28.2 percent)2019: 42 crashes (29.1 percent)

So, around one-quarter of every fatal traffic mishaps in and also around Atlanta show off a drunk driver.

Speeding and Fatal vehicle Accidents

Everyone in Atlanta constantly seems to it is in in a rush. Unfortunately, this prompts plenty of drivers come speed and engage in aggressive behaviors behind the wheel. These actions contribute to plenty of fatal crashes every year.

2013: 17 crashes (20 percent)2014: 22 crashes (28.5 percent)2015: 29 crashes (27.8 percent)2016: 26 crashes (20 percent)2017: 21 crashes (18.2 percent)2018: 27 crashes (20.6 percent)2019: 30 crashes (20.8 percent)

As you deserve to see, speeding is a element in a far-reaching number of car accident fatalities every year.

It appears that distracted steering is also contributing to a rising variety of accidents, including deadly crashes, in Atlanta. According to the nationwide Highway traffic Safety management (NHTSA), distracted drivers cause thousands that fatal accidents every year. Atlanta roads are absolutely not an exception to the rule.

Who’s affiliated in deadly Crashes in Fulton County?

Occupants of dare and little passenger vehicles no the only ones who can get hurt in an accident. In fact, others – consisting of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists – space actually much more likely come sustain severe and fatal injuries in a crash.

In 2019, there to be 115 vehicle accident fatalities in Fulton County.

Nearly half of those mishaps involved non-motorists, including:

Pedestrians (34, or 23.6 percent)Bicyclists (5, or 3.4 percent), andMotorcyclists (22, or 15.2 percent).

The staying fatalities connected passenger auto occupants.

Fatal Car mishaps Are Problematic across the State the Georgia

Fatal car mishaps aren’t just minimal to Fulton County and Atlanta. Various other cities and also many rural parts of the state are likewise home to dozens of fatal crashes every year. This way that Georgia, when compared to various other states in the country, is relatively dangerous.

One study ranked Georgia together the 4th deadliest state in the country in 2020. Why? noteworthy crash statistics include:

There to be 1,409 fatal crashes in Georgia in 2020. Only Florida, California, and also Texas report more.

About 34 percent of fatal crashes occur in rural parts of the state. That means that cities like Atlanta space actually house to the majority of every severe and also fatal motor car accidents.

Which Intersections in Atlanta have the most Accidents?

National statistics published by the federal Highway management suggest that approximately 2 out of every 5 car crashes occur at or close to an intersection. Worse, 20 percent of deadly crashes indicate an intersection. Atlanta roads are no exception. Plenty of of the crashes in the city occur at a crossroads.

So, i beg your pardon intersections in Atlanta are the many dangerous? Studies indicate that the complying with intersections might be among those that you should shot to avoid:

Memorial Drive and North Hairston RoadEast Park ar and rock Mountain HighwayCovington Highway and Panola RoadCovington Highway and also Lithonia RoadCobb ar Blvd and Earnest Barrett PkwyJimmy Carter Blvd and Peachtree commercial BlvdBolton Road and Marietta RoadCollier Road and also Peachtree Road14th Street and also Peachtree RoadDelmar Ave. And Delmoor CourtState leg Road and Medlock leg RoadHowell Mill Road and also Chattahoochee RoadNorth Druid Hills Road and also Briarcliff RoadPiedmont Road and also Peachtree Road, andHabersham Road and also West Paces Ferry Road.

Knowing where auto accidents tend to happen most might help to save you safe. Girlfriend can shot to review your course so that you usage as few of these intersections as possible.

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