July 30, 2015 in ~ 8:55 afternoon EDTMILWAUKEE, Wisconsin. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The victims of a deadly aircraft crash in Wisconsin have actually been identified as a father and daughter indigenous Massachusetts.

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Summit Partners, a Boston-based company, confirmed that COO Joseph Trustee and also his daughter, Anna, were eliminated in the crash when on their way to the Midwest because that a university tour.Joseph Trustey functioned as a personal equity executive at Summit partners in Boston.

"Joe was uniquely differentiated in so plenty of ways: together a partner, a leader and also a friend," Summit"s Marty Mannion said. "He was a wonderful husband and father who additionally cared deeply because that those through whom he functioned both inside and also outside the firm. He touch everybody that met with his intellect, his sterling character and his engaging feeling of humor. We cannot express exactly how much us will miss out on his existence in ours lives."

Trustey was also at the top of several school boards on the phibìc Shore, consisting of the Shore country Day School. The school posted a explain on your website Thursday, saying they were saddened by the news. Follow to the statement, Head of college Larry Griffin sent an e-mail to the community saying, "The catastrophic accident that took the resides of Joe and also Anna "13 is a shocking and also profound loss because that our school and for the region - one that"s compounded by our memory of the passing of Kris"s and also Joe"s son A.J., who passed away in the autumn of 2014."

The declare referenced an additional loss the family encountered just last year. Their just son and brother, Andrew Joseph, died. Now, 3 members of the family are gone and only two daughters and also the mom remain.

Trustey to be a certified pilot and kept at least one that his planes at the Beverly Airport. Mike Eason, a mechanic in ~ the airport, claimed the news hit everyone there quite hard.

"He to be a pretty guy. That"s all I"m pretty certain you"re going come hear about the guy. He was a really nice guy," Eason said.

Mitt Romney, Charlie Weiss and Donnie Wahlberg were amongst those influenced by the tragic aircraft crash.

Wahlberg tweeted, "We"ll respect you at Wahlburgers, through striving for excellence in her memory partner."

Trustey"s daughter Anna had actually a Twitter account and also one that her short articles from last year was circulating on social media Thursday. The short articles says to "enjoy life to it"s fullest due to the fact that you never understand when every little thing will be gone."

One the Trustey"s daughters, Caroline, additionally tweeted Thursday saying that she has actually three angels watching end her.

A candlelight vigil was organized Thursday evening at the Shore country Day School"s impetus Garden come remember the father and daughter.

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The airplane crashed at the Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport in between 6 and 7 p.m. On Wednesday night. The single-engine passenger airplane burst into flames after ~ crashing.