A man accused of killing his girlfriend and also his disabled daughter is representing himself. Top top Wednesday, he wondered about the sole survivor the the attack, his 11-year-old son.

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'You stabbed me': 11-year-old young testifies against father at Tampa killing trial

June 17, 202101:25
TAMPA, Fla. — Acting as his own lawyer, a double-murder defendant opened up his death penalty trial by shouting at jurors the he did not attack his girlfriend and also disabled daughter.

On Wednesday, Ronnie Oneal III cross-examined his son, forcing the 11-year-old to define exactly how he hurt him.

The defendant claimed in a dramatic opened statement the the evidence would reveal “some the the many vicious, lying, fabricating, fictitious government you ever before seen.”

Gesturing and also pacing, Oneal shouted at one suggest during Monday’s opening: “I watch alone. But I am backed by a mighty God.”

He declared the girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, struck their 2 children and that he eliminated her in self-defense. The killings occurred March 18, 2018, in their home in Tampa’s Riverview area.

Assistant State attorney Scott Harmon countered that prosecutors would certainly prove Oneal hurt Barron through a shotgun, then beat she to death. Harmon also said Oneal supplied a term to death his 9-year-old daughter — who had actually cerebral palsy and could no speak — and wounded his son, climate 8, with a knife.

Investigators speak Oneal also collection the residence on fire after the attacks. The child survived and also testified Wednesday through remote video clip that he witnessed his father death his sister with the hatchet and also recalled his mother being shot.

During cross-examination, Oneal inquiry his son, “Did ns hurt you that night?” The young responded, “Yes.”

“How did ns hurt you?” Oneal asked.

“You stabbed me,” his kid replied. He likewise described how his father set fire to the house using gasoline.

Investigators speak the injured boy come out the the burn house and described what had actually happened.

“The first words that come out that this brave boy’s mouth: ‘My daddy killed my mommy,’” Harmon told jurors.

Jurors also heard a 911 contact from Barron in i beg your pardon she desperately sought assist as Oneal yelled in the background.

“OK, Ronnie, ns sorry,” she claims on the recording. “I’m so sorry. Aid me. I can’t move my arm. My eight is shot up, Ronnie. Please.”

Oneal contended that investigators fabricated evidence to implicate him and that his boy was coached top top what to say.

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“The evidence is walking to present that i love my children,” Oneal said jurors. “The evidence will not present you that my child witnessed me win his mom to death, no one did he witness me shoot his mom. In fact, he no witness much at all.”

The trial is expected to last v the finish of next week. Oneal could get the fatality penalty if convicted.