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By Kevin J. Jones, JD Flynn

Denver Newsroom, Jul 24, 2020 / 23:25 pm

Priests because that Life nationwide director Fr. Candid Pavone has resigned indigenous advisory location in the reelection project of president Donald Trump. The priest withdrew at the direction of Church authorities, he told CNA Friday.

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"I"ve been requested by the experienced ecclesiastical authority not to have actually an official title/position ~ above the advisory boards. So, together a monk in good standing, I"ve followed that request," Pavone said CNA July 24, in response to questions about his duty in the trump card campaign.

In January, Pavone was appointed co-chair that the Pro-Life Voices because that Trump coalition, and also in April to be announced as a member of the Catholics for Trump advisory board; the priest headlined the month an online kickoff event for the trump Catholic group. Both groups are organized as component of the trump card campaign. Pavone was likewise a co-chair that the trump card pro-life coalition in 2016.

Pavone"s role in a political campaign was unexplained for a priest. Members of the clergy call for permission come "have an active part in political parties," follow to the Church"s canon law.

In April, Pavone called CNA the he go not think himself to need permission for campaign involvement due to the fact that he considered Trump"s reelection to it is in a matter of urgency. "I"m not going to ask anybody"s permission to walk scream that the house is on fire," he said at the time.

But ~ above Friday, Pavone said that he had "been asking for permission to serve on these advisory boards" once he was "requested" to resign native them.

Pavone walk not indicate what authorities had actually directed him to resign native the trump campaign. In 2005 Pavone to be incardinated in the Diocese the Amarillo, Texas, when he transferred to that diocese indigenous the Archdiocese of brand-new York v plans to start a pro-life religious order that priests. Those to plan did not materialize, and Pavone discovered himself at odds v Bishop Patrick Zurek, soon after the bishop was mounted in 2008.

In 2011, the dispute between Pavone and Zurek came to be public, after ~ the priest to be recalled come the diocese and also suspended by the bishop. Pavone appealed to the Vatican, and also the suspension was at some point lifted in 2012.

In April, the monk told CNA the his partnership with Zurek remained rocky, describing interaction with his bishop as "dysfunctional," and saying that he remained in the process of carrying to a new diocese.

The Diocese that Amarillo has actually not comment to repetitive requests native CNA because that clarity about Pavone"s political task or ecclesiastical status, including requests to clarify whether he has faculties come minister publicly as a priest.

Pavone called CNA Friday the he remains incardinated in the Amarillo diocese, "but my transfer has been canonically perfect to a various bishop that has great will toward me and my work." He decreased to name the diocese, saying the "the notice of what diocese I"m in currently is up to the very same ecclesiastical authority to make."

While Pavone is no longer component of the Catholics for Trump coalition, the group attracted attention top top Friday when it announced that author and YouTube commenter Taylor Marshall would sign up with the Catholics for Trump advisory board.

Pavone"s duty in the 2016 Trump campaign sparked significant controversy in the Church. Ahead of the choice the monk filmed a video clip at the clergymans for Life headquarters, urging support for Trump. The video clip was filmed with the human body of an aborted infant laid prior to Pavone on what appeared to it is in an altar.

Soon after ~ video"s release, Zurek said he would open an investigation into the incident, calling the "against the dignity of human life" and also "a desecration that the altar," and including that "the activity and presentation of father Pavone in this video clip is not continuous with the beliefs of the Catholic Church."

While the diocese has not announced the results of that investigation, Pavone insurance claims that he has been "cleared the the previous complaints/investigations/disciplinary actions by the bishop that Amarillo. The chapter is closed."

Pavone stated that while he will certainly no much longer occupy a position in the Trump project "nothing has changed in my advocacy for the president, offered that the democracy do certainly pose a grave threat to "the civil liberties of the Church" and also "the common good," a allude I"ll be making constantly between now and also November 3."

"Any cleric who doesn"t see that suggest has his head in the sand or in a Democrat echo chamber," the priest added.

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Pavone is no the just priest in recent U.S. History to do headlines for involvement in an election.

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In 2008, Chicago monk Fr. Michael Pfleger attracted attention for appearing as component of a "People of belief for Obama" coalition during then-Senator Barack Obama"s major battle against Hillary Clinton because that the democratic Party"s presidential nomination.

Pfleger"s bishop, Cardinal Francis George, said at the moment that "while a priest should speak come political issues that are also moral, he may not endorse candidates nor connect in partisan campaigning."