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A Nevada male accused of shooting and killing his son since the teen was gay has been allowed to live at home under house arrest when awaiting trial.

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The boy"s mother, who states she feel "betrayed," has dubbed on the district Attorney"s office to investigate.

In 2017, Wendell Melton to be charged through the murder of his 14-year-old son, Giovanni, in Henderson, Nevada.


Wendell Melton (R) states he accidentally shoot his son, Giovanni, during an argument about the teen lacking school. Giovanni Melton Instagram,/Henderson Police Dep"tWendell, 53, said police he eliminated Giovanni throughout an discussion over the teen skipping school. The maintains that, after Giovanni shoved him come the ground, he gained up, pulled the end his gun and accidentally shoot the teen in the chest.

Despite just being 14, Giovanni had been enabled to live ~ above his own in an apartment rented by his father. Wendell called police to the home about midnight. That was lugged to the hospital however died later on the same day.

But Giovanni"s mother, Veronica Melton, says her ex murdered their son since he was gay.

Sonja Jones, Giovanni"s foster mother, told The Las las vegas Review-Journal the Wendell "hated the reality that his child was gay."

"I"m sure that inside of his mind, he would certainly rather have actually a dead son than a happy son," she said, explain Giovanni had been abused "physically and also mentally and spiritually for many, many years."

Henderson Police arrest reports says Giovanni Melton"s father cases shooting was an accident.

— Antonio Castelan (
AntonioNews3LV) November 6, 2017

Giovanni"s brothers supposedly told Jones the Wendell pulled a gun on the boy as soon as when he recorded him through his boyfriend.

"I expect they throw the book at him. I hope he never ever sees the light of day," she added. "I expect every day when he look at in the mirror, the sees his son"s face."

Wendell, who has actually a former conviction for domestic battery, was charged v murder, illegal possession that a gun, and also child abuse. His initial bond was set at $808,000 but, regardless of the horrific nature that the accusations, at a march 22 listening the judge lowered bail to $200,000.

He also enabled Wendell to leave jail, placing the on house arrest together he awaits trial. Veronica states prosecutors said her, "Well, these points happen."

Now Clark County district Attorney Steve Wolfson is investigating Wendell Melton"s pre-trial release. " claimed to me the he is going to be investigating this case," Veronica told KTNV 13 on Monday. "He to be going come see all of the transcripts from the march 22 hearing and also what actually occurred because us only have bits and pieces of that court date."

After losing her son, Veronica Melton claimed it felt favor "justice wasn"t being served."

She"s additionally asking why, even though Nevada hate crimes statutes include sexual orientation and also gender identity, hate crimes enhancements were never added to Wendell"s charges.

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At the time of the arrest, a Henderson police spokesperson said HuffPost the the examination didn"t indicate the shoot was motivated by Giovanni"s sexual orientation and authorities knew of no prior trouble in between father and also son.