A dad in Turkey has died by self-destruction on on facebook Live after explaining he was choosing to finish his life due to the fact that his daughter didn’t seek his permission former to gaining engaged.

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A dad in Turkey has died by self-destruction on facebook Live after explaining the was choosing to finish his life due to the fact that his daughter didn’t seek his permission prior to obtaining engaged.

Ayhan Uzun, 54, said viewers that learned of this daughter’s unavoidable marriage end the phone follow to Russia today picking up on reports inlocal media

During the video, friends and also relatives plead with the male not to take it his life.

"I am going, i am going, take an excellent care of yourselves," the is report to have said before firing the gun and falling come the ground.

A spokesperson at Facebook, in a explain to brand-new york write-up said the firm was “deeply saddened” by the video, which has because been eliminated from the site.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragedy,” according to the statement. “We don’t enable the promo of self-injury or self-destruction on Facebook. Us want human being to have a safe endure on Facebook and also we work-related with organizations approximately the people to administer assistance for world in distress.”

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