A father has actually been accused that shooting and killing his kid at a gun selection in Lorton, Virginia.

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The Fairfax county police claimed in a explain Tuesday the Ajay Srivastav, 63, shoot his kid Ajay, 23, and also then himself about 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11 in a auto outside Sharpshooters range off Terminal Road.

Varun Srivastav died from his gunshot wound top top Friday night, while the dad survived, the police said.

Officers room on step of a shooting in ~ the Sharpshooter Range, 8194M Terminal Rd, in Lorton the occurred roughly 8:50pm. Two guys were taken to the hospital v life-threatening injuries. Preliminarily, we believe scene is had to the parking lot. Updates come follow. #FCPD pic.twitter.com/YJc8iSLi6j

— Fairfax ar Police (
FairfaxCountyPD) November 12, 2020

Ajay Srivastav of Vienna has actually been charged with aggravated malicious wounding and firearm use in a felony. The police claimed they mean detectives will upgrade the charges after the county clinical examiner rule the son’s fatality a homicide top top Monday.

Ajay Srivastav is being organized without bond at the Fairfax ar Adult Detention Center.

The fatality was the 13th homicide in the ar this year.


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