Yes. I claimed it. You scare me. Recognize me, I currently love you an ext than I’m able come adequately express. Yet the power and function you will certainly one day have in mine daughter’s life can strike up much more fear in my heart 보다 I’ve ever before been prepared to transaction with. You have actually the capacity to aid my daughter flourish into the woman she will certainly become, or the ability to to like her. Can you possibly understand how scary the is for a mother?


I pray about you frequently. I have actually high criter for you, and also I don’t average that to be a difficult thing, however entrusting mine daughter under your leadership is most likely the hardest point I will ever do. She’s my baby. She’s my firstborn. Increasing her is my best joy, and watching her marry you will certainly be the most bittersweet thing I do.

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Therefore ns pray that you are a strong man the faith. Full of integrity and also true character, loyal and also honest, brave and intelligent. I pray you are gentle v my girl. Ns pray you are an impressive father, and that mine daughter encourages you in the role. I think you will certainly be thoughtful and caring, due to the fact that I think my daughter will choose wisely.

I’ve remained in this marriage gig because that a bit, and also I understand the tough work that is. I recognize the load a man has to provide, love and lead his family. I watch the fear and uncertainty a male must transaction with. I pray you have the necessary an abilities to command gracefully and also that God is always first in her life.

I’m law my an extremely best to raise a daughter that will love friend wholeheartedly. Who understands that marriage isn’t a fairy tale, however a true commitment, a covenant that big far past broken rule or broken hearts. One the isn’t to it is in taken lightly, and something girlfriend don’t just offer up on. I’m encouraging her independence and also leadership qualities, all while hoping to model for her exactly how to respect she husband while keeping her toughness in character.

I’m to teach her how to respect you. I’m to teach her the strength her words have over you. She have the right to be a voice the builds friend up, or tears girlfriend down. I’m to teach her the beauty, beauty in being a mom who loves through all the she is. I’m act my finest to offer her all the understanding I can. I know I won’t carry out it perfectly, I understand she’ll do mistakes. Will certainly you take care of her with care and grace? will certainly you gently lead her right into resolution and purpose? will you lead she to heaven?

At the end of her life it is friend – you, son-in-law – who will give an account for the method you led and also loved my tiny girl as Christ loves his bride, the church. Will you be provided a great account because that stewarding her heart through the love and also servant-leadership that Christ? will certainly your kids by my daughter uncover themselves being raised by a father who life is humble and trembles in ~ God’s word and also will because that his life?

I’m certain your mom is law her very best together well. That’s what us moms do. Ns pray for her as well. That she is given the grace she demands to raise you to be the man you space meant to be. I pray she and also I always love one another and also can be your greatest cheerleaders. I additionally pray the your father is a exorbitant reflection of your heavenly father so that you will have learned about manhood native a trusted, godly man, fairly than fumbling in the dark in your marriage to my daughter.

So yes, son, you fear me. Entrusting you with my daughter will be the hardest thing I will ever before do. But I’m picking to think you will certainly be the spouse my daughter was called to marry. I’m choosing to pray regularly over your connection now, however many years in advance, because while marital relationship isn’t as sacred in our society as it as soon as was – that IS a truly beautiful, sacred covenant. I lengthy to see the two of you in a true commitment the leads your household to a beautiful, happy ending.


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BY GUEST WRITER: Roxanne Foster

Roxanne Foster blog alongside her husband, The male Foster end at The Foster Parenthood. She is mom to Scarlette Grace and also Carsten James, both of which have included a significant amount of delight to her world. She is a recovering legalist, and redeemed daughter the the King. Roxanne trust vulnerability is the key to life a life complete of true joy and happiness, and aims to bring light to those about her v sharing components of she world.

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