The dad made the 10-year-old boy operation to school after he was kicked turn off the college bus for "being a small bully."


Emily Leayman, spot Staff

ROANOKE, VA—"Welcome come you much better listen to your dad 2018."

That"s how a Virginia father begins a live video clip of his 10-year-old son being compelled to operation to college in the rain together punishment for bullying.

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In the march 1 live video, i beg your pardon has due to the fact that been made exclusive on Facebook, Bryan Thornhill documents his boy running one mile to institution in the rain when driving behind him. The father of two defined that the boy had actually been kicked off the school bus for three days "because he was being a small bully."

Thornhill claims the punishment has actually improved his son"s behavior, and also he hasn"t obtained in trouble all week in ~ school. "This is a healthy way for a boy to be punished," he says in the video. (For an ext information ~ above this and also other neighborhood stories, subscribe to to receive everyday newsletters and breaking news alerts. If you have an iPhone, click here to acquire the complimentary iphone phone app; download the complimentary Android app here.)

In a monitor up video, Thornhill said his son has actually ADHD and also is used to running as punishment, gift an athlete. A 3rd and final video shows Thornhill and also his 8-year-old daughter running, together well. "Now the youngsters want to run to school," he said.

The videos have attracted mixed responses ~ above Thornhill"s format of parenting.

"It was raining and the kid had actually to run a mile. So what is the boy to do sit in wet clothing while he"s at school. And then he gets sick. Likewise have you noticed the quantity of weight in that backpack the kid was carrying. Not great for a child"s ago at all," wrote a commenter.

But a variety of people praised his "old-school parenting" style, and also some admitted they would certainly inflict the same punishment with longer distances. "I do my kid run almost 5 miles as soon as I got dubbed from work to pick him up since he was acting out in class. The was roughly 14 at the time," created one person.

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A variety of bus vehicle drivers thanked the parental for addressing bullying top top the institution buses. "I am a bus driver, I have seen a an extremely small sixth grader gain kicked in the center of his earlier and flew front 4 rows," said among the commenters. "That bully only acquired in college suspension, i WISH his parents would have actually done this!"

Thornhill recognized in a follow-up video clip the boy would certainly ride the bus again as long as the keeps behaving well.

One commenter asked what would take place if the young refuses come run. Thornhill replied, "It"s no a option that i accept. Ns would dual the street if the tried."