Martin Short, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, and also Kimberly Williams in "Father that The Bride."Touchstone/Kobal/Shutterstock


No party poopers here! that been almost three decades because fans met the banks family in Father of the Bride and watched Annie banks (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) go from college grad to beaming bride.

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The rom-com from Nancy Meyers hit theater in 1991, showing what it’s really like for a dad come let go of his little girl on she wedding job — or in George Banks’ (Steve Martin) case, shed his mental while grappling through the nuptials.

The memorable film, which also starred Diane Keaton as Annie’s mom, Nina Banks, Kieran Culkin as small brother Matty banks and George Newbern as the groom, Bryan MacKenzie, led to the 1995 sequel, Father of the Bride part II.

The original, however, wouldn’t have actually been finish without the over-the-top wedding planner, open minded Eggelhoffer (Martin Short) and his assistant Howard Weinstein (BD Wong). The two thrust for swans, replanting the family’s yard and moving all the furniture out, all of which sent George v the roof.

Twelve year after the film’s sequel carried to life the story that Annie and Nina gift pregnant in ~ the very same time, some of the actors reunited in person, and fans couldn’t get sufficient of it.

“Loved see my former costars
stevemartintogo &
themartinshort in ~ the Opryhouse this evening for their display in #Nashville,” Williams-Paisley wrote via Instagram in march 2017 alongside a photograph of herself with her movie dad and go-to planner.

Seven month later, Newbern furious the possibility of a third film from the cast, informing Us Weekly solely in November 2017, “I understand there’s a manuscript out there and also there’s talk.”

At the time, the actor also revealed what he assumed his character would be up to adhering to his life as an independent interactions consultant. 

“I think Bryan MacKenzie would more than likely be a grandfather now. They had a kid, so he’s probably got a grandkid at this point, ns think. Or at the very least close come it,” that told Us. “Or his daughter would be obtaining married. He’s probably invested in a startup in the Silicon Valley because they space on the West Coast. And they probably live increase in the only area. Lock got 4 kids. They must shoot a third one. We need to do a 3rd one. That would be great.”

Three year later, Newbern’s third film concept was sort OF shown when Netflix announced in September 2020 that the cast was reuniting for a reunion movie titled Father of the Bride component 3 (Ish).

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“Finally! so happy to tell you i have made a new movie— father OF THE BRIDE component 3 (ish),” creator Meyers created via Instagram in September together a trailer for the movie. “Ish is because it’s no as lengthy as a movie but I think you’re going to favor it!”

The original actors joined with each other on the job to phone call the next component of the Banks’ story and also also aid raise money for World central Kitchen. 

Scroll down to view what the actors has been doing since they plan Annie’s huge wedding in the ‘90s.