Twenty-five year after the second movie"s release, Netflix is reuniting the cast for a worthy cause.


In times prefer these, plenty of of us rotate to feel-good films from years previous to lift our spirits. Nancy Meyers" movie — think: The parental Trap, The Holiday, and also Father the the Bride — typically top the list. But now, the lover writer and also director is reuniting the banks family because that a brand-new Netflix special, Father of the Bride component 3 (ish).

The 30-minute one-of-a-kind was Meyers" an answer to the existing moment. First, she got to out to Steve Martin come ask if he"d favor to work on something together. Then she connected with the rest of the dad of the Bride cast to check out if they"d be willing to "shoot native home" and get a movie "online somehow" — everyone, consisting of Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Diane Keaton, and also Martin Short agreed without hesitation.

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Unlike other Zoom readings or actors reunions that have actually taken place in recent months, Father that the Bride component 3 (ish) attributes brand-new material and also is edited come fit a movie format. This special, i m sorry Meyers points out to The brand-new York Times is "not as lengthy as a movie," picks up right where Father of the Bride part 2 left turn off 25 years ago: George and also Nina financial institutions (played by Steve Martin and also Diane Keaton, respectively) are currently in your 70s, and their three youngsters — Annie (played through Kimberly Williams-Paisley), Matty (played by Kieran Culkin), and Megan, that was a child in the second movie — room all out of the house. Annie and her husband George (played by George Newbern) are additionally parents to a 25-year-old.

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The reunion has actually a the majority of heart behind it, especially because it doubles together a fundraiser for World main Kitchen. For Meyers, Father that the Bride component 3 (ish) lugged her a much-needed sense of pleasure amid the pandemic — and also she really hopes it walk the very same for everyone that watches at home. "This one, v its confident themes and love the family, make me feel whole at a time once I essential it most. And if our initiatives lead to a tiny relief for someone else, then it was a summer well spent," she said The brand-new York Times.

How to Watch and also Stream Father the the Bride part 3 (ish)

Even if you"re not a Netflix subscriber, view the banks family in activity on Netflix"s YouTube channel and Facebook page on Friday September 25 in ~ 3 p.m. PT/ 6 p.m. ET. Set a reminder beforehand, so you can be alerted once the time comes. Yet if you miss the early showing, you have the right to still clock it ~ above Netflix"s YouTube channel.

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But first, deserve to I watch the other Father that the Bride movies on Netflix?

Not yet. This appears to be a one-time occurrence, however it can be a authorize that all 3 movies will be top top Netflix in the close to future. Because that now, you can rent Father the the Bride and Father that the Bride component 2 on Amazon because that $3.99 each.

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