There comes a time in every parent’s life once they must offer away their child’s hand in marriage. Mothers almost everywhere tend to shed their cool once their priceless sons take the plunge–as evidenced in “Monster In-Law.” when it comes under to it, though, nothing has done a similar job that displaying both the comedy and also the tragedy of a father marrying his daughter come the male of her dreams much better than dad of the Bride, starring Steve Martin. The father of the Bride residence is wherein we all dropped in love through Kimberly Williams as she pursued her plans for a perfect wedding. Rumor has it that adjust is a-brewin’ at the financial institutions Family House, wherein our favorite wedding scenes take it place…


Father that the Bride House

We all desire to know: wherein is the dad of the Bride house? What is the father of the Bride house address? Is it 500 phibìc Almansor Street in Alhambra, California or 843 southern El Molino path in Pasadena? Well, the answer is both!

The inside of the house, you recognize the one: green shutters, home windows upon windows, and dreamy white picket fence is an alleged to be, follow to the movie, ~ above 24 Maple Drive, san Marino. It was actually filmed in Pasadena–but our favorite scenes, basketball hoop, beautiful wedding, well, they to be filmed at one more residence, the Alhambra house.

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The Pasadena HousePhoto: Everett Collection

Oh, man, carry out I have actually news for you! could it be that the father of the Bride home for sale? It’s not on the industry right now, however it was for sale! The Alhambra house, a four-bed, four-bath, 4,397 square feet early american beauty was last sold for $1.998 million smackers in august 2016 v listing certified dealer Ann Gluck. If you a diehard film-buff, it’s in reality a steal due to the fact that it’s in reality a double-whammy. The house is additionally the proud filming ar of the Bernie Mac flick, “Guess Who,” certification sweetheart Ashton Kutcher.


The Alhambra HousePhotos: Sara Lauder / Caters News agency / Compass

ps: there room a ton the searches because that “Mrand grandm Smith home Father of the Bride” since the residences look really similar. However, they are various houses.

Where was the dad of the Bride Filmed?

If you cruising approximately Los Angeles at any time soon, you space 17 minutes from Alhambra, and also 21 indigenous Pasadena (pending traffic!), and you have the right to hit both film locations within 15 minutes–assuming the course that your photo-ops room quick!

What Year was Father that the Bride Made?

Are you all set to feeling old? father of the Bride 1991. That would be 29 years earlier that us all fell in love v Diane Keaton, Steve Martin and also Kimberly Williams in one of the country’s lover movies. Father of the Bride ii come out four years later in 1995. I’m no crying, she crying!

Father the the Bride Cast

The guy behind the comedy, Franck father of the bride, Mr. Steve martin is near and also dear to everyone. He acquired his breakout in the (gasp!) the 1960s as a writer because that The Smothers brothers Comedy Hour and also his job took turn off after he won a Tony because that his work-related on the show. Steve young name is perhaps one of our favourite stars because of his humble roots–he functioned in Fantasyland in ~ Anaheim’s Disneyland for crying the end loud!

According to IMDb, he additionally joined a comedy troop early at Knott’s Berry Farm. Little-known fact: our stud of a father has a Grammy Award-Winning album, which he put out in 2009.

Photo: Alamy

The father-daughter duo might not have actually been more powerful with any actress various other than Kimberly Williams. Father of the Bride was Kimberly’s breakout role, however she’s been pretty busy since…oh, and also the real-life Annie banks married hubba-hubba Brad Paisley. Bravo, return George Newbern was a at sight hottie back in the day, too. Together of late, he’s scored duties on Scandal and additionally does video clip game voice-overs. Fun!

When ns think of healthy mothers, ns can’t shiver the image of Diane Keaton. She career has taken her v multiple matriarch roles, and also inarguably, none was far better than dad of the Bride’s Nina Banks. Hit me. She’s everybody’s mother, and we will constantly love her!

Father the the Bride Soundtrack

If “Beyond the Sea” and also “My Girl” room perfect because that anything, they room perfect for a movie about a father’s commitment to his adult daughter who has fallen in love v a man who is crazy around her. The a killer soundtrack, through “Volare,” “The way You watch Tonight,” and also even “What’s new Pussycat.” i’m a little bit the a rock and also roller, yet this collection of jams gets me all lovey inside!

Father that the Bride Speech

I’m pretty sure all dads sweat the decided they’re socially mandated to supply at your daughter’s wedding. Franck Banks, however, just totally nails it. A little bit of feeling over the outrageous price tags on Annie’s special day–which she insisted must encompass live swans–to the nostalgic remembrance of she tiny hand in ~ his, her head ~ above his chest, and always being she hero. The woe of giving her away, and of realizing that she was no longer a small girl. The may have actually been a nightmare to attend to for her fiance, yet Franck just loved his daughter so lot that that didn’t want to let she go. Ultimately, i think we all desire to have actually a dad like that.


Photo: Touchstone / Getty Images

Father of the Bride Toast

I think it’s time to give a toast come a movie that will go down in background as one of the finest there has ever been. For this reason guests, let’s raise our glasses.

To Steve Martin, who love because that his daughter to be both heart-wrenching and also hilarious.

To Diane Keaton, who verified mothers almost everywhere how to present enthusiasm for a daughter’s wedding so strongly protest by the dad of the bride.

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To Kimberly Williams-Paisley, i think i speak for us all when I say we were always rooting because that you and your love story–and we’re quiet rooting because that you and Brad.

Three cheers because that Father the the Bride! currently where is the listing agent, Ann Gluck? I desire to walk shoot some hoops!