Leave It to Beaver is often remembered as one of the many beloved TV shows of the ‘50s and ‘60s. The told the story that a wholesome family, but it also featured a pair of gibbs — Stephen Talbot and his father, Lyle Talbot — that were connected in actual life and also had recurring duties on the show.

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(L-R) Stephen Talbot, Jerry Mathers, Lelani Sorensen appearing on ‘Leave it to Beaver’ | Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

Stephen’s father, Lyle Talbot to be an established actor who appeared on shows choose The Adventures that Ozzie and Harriet and The Lone Ranger. He join the actors of Leave It to Beaver as Mr. Dennison, Beaver’s first girlfriend Linda’s father. Lyle was just featured on 2 episodes of the collection and never showed up on screen with his son.

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Stephen Talbot and Lyle Talbot additionally worked together on various other shows

After appearing on Leave It come Beaver, Stephen went on to end up being a TV producer and reporter. He’s most recognized for his contributions to Frontline, for which he created award-winning documentaries favor The ideal Campaign Money have the right to Buy.

Lyle Talbot | Universal background Archive/Universal Images group via Getty Images

In 2013, around 16 year after Lyle’s death, Stephen composed a blurb because that his old co-star Jerry Mathers’s website. In the passage, he reflect on his time acting alongside his dad.

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And also looking back, he listed how meaningful it was. 

“One thing that seemed entirely normal back then, however strikes me as pretty unusual now is that while i was her pal top top Leave it come Beaver, mine Dad (who was additionally in number of Beaver episodes) was playing Ozzie’s best friend and neighbor, Joe Randolph, on The Adventures of Ozzie and also Harriet,” Stephen wrote. “So, my Dad and also I to be sidekicks on 2 of the most iconic American shows about suburban life in the Eisenhower and Kennedy era.”