Small, far Away Day, the fictitious July 19holiday from irish sitcom Father Ted, is practically upon us and Deliveroo is celebrate this rejoiceful occasion by partnering with Sano Pizza in holy place Bar to lug a miniature food menu exclusively to Deliveroo.

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The holiday became a truth on society media year after the episode initially aired. In it, father Ted and Father Dougal go on a vacation in a caravan. Throughout their time, Ted struggles to describe to Dougal the difference between the principles of ‘small’, and also ‘far away’.


Although Dougal struggles with this concept, Deliveroo walk not, and these delicious treats space living proof of it. The exclusive come Deliveroo menu consists of a holy selection between far away (large) and tiny (mini) pizzas:

Marinara – Mini (€4) / large (€7)

Margherita – Mini (€4.50) / huge (€8.90)

Diavola – Mini (€5) / huge (€9.90)

Joe Groves from Deliveroo said, “We are thrilled to it is in partnering up with the heavenly Sano Pizza, celebrating one of the greatest sitcom series of every time.

“While we perform offer small foods, as deserve to be seen, Deliveroo is never much away, through delicious meals ceded straight to her doorstep in thirty minutes or less,” that added.

The hilarious ‘small, much away’ scene has gone down in history as among the best one-liners of any sitcom, and despite the present being over twenty years old, the step from the illustration ‘Hell’ is fondly remembered today as TV gold in Ireland and also the UK.


Sano Pizza’s faithful miniature menu will be easily accessible exclusively on the Deliveroo app or website for one day only on Friday, July 19.

Ahh, go on, go on, go on, go on…

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Irish comedian Brendan grace has passed away following lung cancer battle
Jul 11, 2019
by Kate Brayden
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Veteran irish comedian Brendan Grace has actually passed far aged 68, his representative has confirmed.

The legend comedian announced previously in July that he to be cancelling a variety of tour days in July and also August in order to receive clinical help.

Grace was originally hospitalised with pneumonia however later a diagnosis the lung cancer to be made.

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michaeldugganphotography) top top Oct 25, 2018 in ~ 6:35am PDT

The comic had started his job in the 1960s as a musician, and went ~ above to carry in vast audiences because that his stand-up gigs across the nation. The also accomplished widespread TV success.

Routines such as 'Father of the Bride', 'Bottler' and also 'Chinese Takeaway' developed a faithful fan-base because that his shows and also one-off specials i beg your pardon garnered high ratings.

Consistently high ratings caused TV3 commissioning an animated special based on his iconic schoolboy character 'Bottler'.

Grace brought in a whole new generation of fans in the 1990s after showing up in the father Ted series together priest Fr Fintan Stack.

His number one fight Combine Harvester was later covered through The Wurzels in the UK, and he likewise toured with Frank Sinatra and also John Denver.

He normally closed his stand-up shows with a feeling song, maintaining music close to his heart at all times. If he lived in Florida for countless years, he'd regularly return come Ireland to perform.

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Tom Kelly, Grace's booking certified dealer of nearly 30 years, speak toRTÉ’s Morning Ireland and also referred come the comedian as "one of the greatest entertainers that this era";

“You might see at every present how civilization just warmed to him.On nights once the audience can not have been really warm – that really seldom happened – he can turn around, pick up his guitar and sing a song with good authority," Kelly said.

“All in all, we deserve to look ago with pride at Brendan’s lifetime. An excellent family man, very close to his family. Simply adored by his fans all over the country and also indeed abroad as well. His popularity spread right approximately the world.”