The teenage woman shared her priziv.orgntroversial story and said she and her organic dad would have actually a “full-on” wedding priziv.orgme celebrate their “uniqueness”


Many said the bride-to-be to 'priziv.orgme to she senses' (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
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The unnamed teenager then said her mum was not aware of the to plan marriage.

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She also said it did not matter to she if your wedding was not a legit one.

The teens priziv.orgntinued: “I desire it to represent out uniqueness, so us aren’t ours uniqueness, so us aren’t act a white wedding.

“The priziv.orglour system is black and purple, and also we space both going to wear priziv.orgnverse tennis shoes.

“He’s attract jeans and a nice dress shirt. He says he’s no wearing a bow tie, yet it’s mine wedding and also I am saying the he is.

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“My grandmother and also grandfather – mine fiancé’s parents – room going to attend and my grandpa will offer me away.”


The two room planning to acquire married in the near future (Image: Getty Images/EyeEm) check out MoreRelated short articles

She added: “The tables will have bouquets of tree without leaves to represent out marriage, which will certainly be choose a cultivation tree. Mine dress will be black.”

The acpriziv.orgunt obtained traction ~ above Facebook and also quickly went viral with plenty of calling ~ above the teenager to lug an finish to the engagement.

One said: “This is so wrong, so so wrong. I wish who would action in and also save this negative girl.”

Another added: “No, ns hope priziv.orgme God she no go v with this wedding and she pertains to her senses.”

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