Dick and Rick Hoyt cross the end up line surrounding by pendant in the 118th Boston Marathon in Boston. (Charles Krupa/AP)Dick Hoyt ran the Boston Marathon for much more than 30 year while pushing his son, Rick, who has cerebral palsy and is quadriplegic using a tradition racing chair.

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Together, lock were recognized as Team Hoyt.

They made your last run together in 2014 when prick retired indigenous the race. And before that last marathon, cock Hoyt said priziv.org how much it meant to him the he and also Rick influenced others.

"We got all this other children that are physically challenged out in the public now and also to able to live, learn, work and play as with everybody else," the said. "We have been able to help adjust all of that."

Dick Hoyt go on come be grand marshal of the gyeongju the adhering to year. He died Wednesday in ~ the period of 80.

One the his sons, Russell Hoyt, joined priziv.org"s all Things taken into consideration to comment on his father"s legacy.

"He would constantly say, "Rick, you"re the heart. I"m the body." " Russell Hoyt said. "I think the fact that world started to view Rick in a different way, they witnessed Rick as much more of a human than simply a person in a wheelchair. Ns think that"s what truly urged him come to put the effort in that he did."

Marathoner penis Hoyt with his sons, left come right, Robert, Rick, Russell and grandson Jayme (Roberts son) in 1996. (Frank O'Brien/The Boston globe via Getty Images)

Here are an ext excerpts native the conversation:

On the affect his father had actually on his life

"I don"t recognize if everybody it s okay to say the their father truly is your hero, but I can and not just due to the fact that of the racing. I mean, that was just the kind of guy that you would want to be, your father, someone that you might talk to, someone who would listen and say the right thing when when you needed to hear something. In addition to the is the racing legacy that everybody knows about. And it"s just motivating to have someone like that in her family. And I"m lucky sufficient to actually have actually two the them, mine father and my brother."

On exactly how Dick and Rick started their marathon careers

"When Rick was in high school and also my dad to be 40, mine dad was just running around a mile or 2 a week to remain in shape. And also Rick came home with a flier for a fundraising race. A student at the high school had actually dove right into a swimming pool, damaged his neck, and they to be trying to help raise money for the family. And Rick asked my dad to press him in the race. And they ran the race.

"Everybody expected him to go, friend know, at the end of the street, rotate around and come back. Yet they ran the whole five miles and also their insurance claim to fame, they come in second to last, yet not last ...

"And as soon as Rick crossed the complete line, there"s a snapshot of him through a smile on. My dad says it is the greatest smile he"s ever before seen in his life. And also when rick went house that night, he obtained on his computer and he spelled out, "Dad, once we"re running, i don"t also feel like I"m handicapped anymore." and also that obtained them began on this career.

"A few years later, I believe it to be 1980. They ran their an initial Boston Marathon and also they wouldn"t offer numbers to a duo in ~ the time, so they would only receive one number. And my father had to qualify in Rick"s age category, and also he was in his 20s at the time. For this reason they actually run out and they ran the naval Corps marathon in a time of 2:41, which acquired them qualified because that Boston. And then castle came back and ran as official entrants in the Boston Marathon. And the crowds were just so amazed to watch them running that each year we would hear from people who come out to watch the Boston Marathon just to see them go by."

A plaque Rick and also Dick Hoyt obtained for finishing the Tokunoshima Triathlon in Japan in 1994. (Jesse Costa/priziv.org)

How Russell Hoyt really hopes his father will certainly be remembered

"I think as somebody who truly was, you know, an impressive father, ns think that was more important to him 보다 anything 보다 to be seen as someone who had the ability to help readjust the hearts and minds the people. World have called them the in countries where, you know, they"ve looked at world with disabilities, friend know, in different way than even here in America.

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"They inspired civilization to enable people v disabilities to begin to have experiences in their lives that they never ever would have had actually had they no met them. So i think that"s a true tradition right there."

Rick and also Dick Hoyt, Boston Marathon stalwarts since 1981, by the Hamilton Reservoir behind their home in Holland, Mass. (Jesse Costa/priziv.org)

This segment aired on march 17, 2021.