While many of united state fret about an extra kilo or two once in a while, for some, their struggle with load is in an entirely different league.

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For these people, they are talking around hundreds of kilos - and their fight is not just with the flab, it's a life or fatality struggle.

Often they recognize that their problem will lead eventually to their fatality if lock continue, yet find it practically impossible come curb their eating addiction.

Or for others, it might be because of a genetic predisposition to obesity.

Research has displayed that there is an huge price to pay for obesity, among these encompass heart disease, form 2 diabetes, cancers the the endometrial, colon and breast, liver and also gallbladder disease, and degeneration that cartilage and also bone.

It have the right to even reason sleep apnea and also respiratory problems, and also the sufferer may simply pass far in his or she sleep.

Whatever the case, the good news is that in numerous cases, the problem is treatable.

Other than healthy and balanced living through a good diet and also plenty the exercise, over there are likewise medications one have the right to take and surgical actions that can remove excess weight or curb appetite.


1. Paul Mason

Paul Mason, 51, was once considered the world's fattest man, weighing in at a shocking 980 pounds (444.5kg). He supplied to consume 20,000 calorie a day, i beg your pardon is 10 time what a normal man consumes.

He said he knew it to be killing him but he could not stop. The started when he suffered a heart pain in his twenties at the time of his father's death and the deterioration of his mother's health.

Jobless, that still managed to invest a lining 30,000 pounds (S$46,000) a year on food.

He was told to undergo a gastric bypass or hazard a particular death. ~ surgery, the went down to 560 pounds (181kg).

Now that is spring to have actually the roll of unsightly overabundance skin native the weight loss removed.


2. Donna Simpson

Donna Simpson, 45, is one American woman who in 2008 announced the she wanted to end up being one of the world's most heavy women.

Her best weight to be 1,000 pounds (450kg), and she set up a website where fans payment to watch she eat.

In 2008, she sweet 630 pounds (290kg), yet her load went under to 602 pounds (273kg) in 2010.

In 2010, she won the dubious honour that Guinness human being Record holder because that the "heaviest mrs to provide birth" once she had a baby named Jacqueline via cesarean section.

The bear of the baby forced a team of 30 doctors. She now has a son and also daughter with her partner, Phillippe Gouamba, whom she met top top an digital chat room for overweight women.

In respectable 2011, Simpson finally decided to walk on a diet come decrease her load to 370 pounds (170kg) together she stated she wanted to be more self-sufficient and do a far better job of increasing her children.


3. Manuel Uribe

Born in 1965 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Manuel Uribe is well-known for having actually ballooned come the load of 6 men.

On a diet the tacos and also pizzas, he reached a height weight of approximately 597kg, and also was bed bound due to the fact that 2001.

His mommy looked after ~ his every need, but he aspired to one day leave the room and venture exterior into the world.

When that was growing up, Manuel said he was normal. He to be born, he weighed a an extremely average 7.5 pounds. He constantly had a huge appetite, however it wasn't until he hit his twenties once his troubles began.

In 1927, he got married and moved come the us for work. When he left, his weight was 280 pounds (127kg). He said life in the united state was an extremely sedentary. That only relocated from his residence to his desk, wherein he sat at his desk the whole day.

Combined v the rapid food diet that the US, his load ballooned 550 pounds (249kg). 

He began emerging a development on his right thigh, restricting his movement.

With the aid of doctors and also nutritionist, he reduced his load to 360kg (790lb). His weight loss efforts proceeds to this day.

In mid 2009, it to be falsely reported that Manuel had actually died. As of February 2012, he weighed 440 lb (200kg).


4. Robert Earl Hughes

The so late Rober Earl Hughes was during his lifetime, the heaviest human being recorded in the history of the world.

Born in 1958, his too much weight was attributed come a malfunctioning pituitary gland, and he tipped the scales at 480kg at his heaviest.

at the age of 6 years, he sweet 92kg, and also at ten, he weighed 171kg.

When the passed away in 1926, he weighed over half a ton. He had actually contracted measles, i beg your pardon soon arisen into uremia. He was 32-years-old as soon as he died.

All his life a show man who appeared at carnivals and also fairs, his coffin additionally made a statement. That was buried in a coffin the size of a piano case.


5. Kenneth Brumley

Kenneth Brumley gained the fist of the human being when he showed up in Channel 4 BodyShock documentary "Half Ton Dad".

A father of four, the weighed nearly 468kg, and had been bed bound for four years.

He to be later accepted as a gastric bypass patient at the Renaissance Hospital in Houston, Texas. However, to get him the end of the residence to the hospital, a fire crew had to demolish a wall to traction him out.

His very first step in his therapy was to restrict him to a diet of 1,200 calories a day. On the diet, he lost 76kg in 40 days.

Doctors had actually to perform the gastric bypass in stages, in addition to remove 18kg tumours from in between his legs. Every surgical removed lasted about 5 hours.

By the end of the documentary, he had the ability to stand on his own two feet, even if just for a few seconds.


6. Michael Hebranko

Michael Hebranko's story is impressive in that throughout his lifetime, he gained and lost over 3,000 pounds (1,360kg), and also gained a special cite by talk display host Oprah, and also the fist of celebrity fitness coach Richard Simmons.

At 34, his weight reached the peak of 1,100 pounds (498kg).

"I have consumed 24 pork chops, 2 pounds of bacon, 3 dozen eggs at one sitting," he said.

He eventually reached absent bottom and lost his will to live. Once, he put a gun right into his mouth, and nearly pulled the trigger. '

However, he rather wrote a letter to weight loss personality Richard Simmons. 

Richard then shed a world record setting weight ns of much more than 700 pounds (317kg) in 19 months. However, in his celebratory meals following his astounding load loss, he quickly shot back up come weighing practically 1,000 pounds (453kg).

His yo-yo weight loss story continued, and also he had actually to be repetitively hospitalised. He now resides in new York and also weighs 550 pounds (249kg).


7. Mayra Rosales

Mayra Rosales do headline as soon as she was accused of murdering she sister's boy - yet walked free when the court chose that she to be "too big to kill".

Rosales, 31, native Texas stated her defence was the she can not also have lifted her eight to strike she nephew, being together fat as she was.

Two-year-old Eliso Jr passed away in 2008, and 495kg Rosales asserted she caused his death when she fell onto him.

However, investigations revealed the his death was because of a blow to the head. Rosales climate confessed the she had actually invented the story to defend her sister Jamie, who she said had actually hit the boy on the head through a hairbrush several times earlier in the day.

Jamie later pleaded guilty to resulting in injury come a child, and was sentenced come 15 years in prison.

The tension of the events caused Rosales' health to weaken to the point that she had actually to be hospitalised. She said she began retaining so lot water in she legs the her skin stretched and also developed sores - causing her immense pain.

She has suffered chronic skin infections led to by the multiple crease of fat about her body. Doctors have actually attempted come treat her by removing lot of the fat and litres of fluid from her body.


8. Jon Brower Minnoch

Jon Brower Minnoch lived from 1941 to 1983, and also weighed probably an ext than 635kg.

It take it 13 world just to role him over in bed, and he experienced from massive edema - the collection of liquid in the body's tissues.

Edema is endured by plenty of obese people, and at Minnoch's peak, his body preserved at least 408kg that fluid.

He had actually spent a better part that his life battling weight, having actually been hefty all his life. In 1963, he was 317kg. In 1966, he to be 442kg.

He to be hospitalised at period 37 because of cardiac and respiratory failure, and was discharged from the hospital after ~ 16 months on a strictly diet the 1,200 calories every day.

He passed far on September 10, weighing 362kg, and also leaving behind two youngsters by his 50kg mam Jeanette. The pair had apparently won a world record because that the biggest dispartity in weight in between husband and also wife.


9. Terri smith

'Diet or die': This to be what mother-of-one Terri Smith to be told when doctors uncovered out she weighed a hefty 317kg.

Suffering from intense headaches and also needing a mind scan, she to be too huge to fit right into an MRI machine.

Bedbound because that at least three years, the 49-year-old woman required the assistance of her husband Myron and her eldest daughter Najah, 30 to do anything.

Smith said she had always been large. At period seven, she weighed almost 51kg.

She claimed she grew up ~ above "soul food" and never thought twice about it - as it to be everybody was doing.

"We never watched what us ate at all and also we didn't understand what to be healthy and also what wasn't,' she called the daily Mail UK.

When she turn 32, she arisen severe arthritis in her knees and couldn't walk for much more than a few steps, bring about the weight to heap on. In addition, after ~ her diuretic medication to be changed, she obtained a lining 41kg in 30 days.

Smith is now embarking on a weight loss regiment of a healthy diet and also exercise, in a bid come qualify because that gastric bypass.


10. Dzhambik Khatokhov

Known together Jambik, an 11-year-old young from Russia weighs 147kg at elevation 157.5cm, setting the world record because that the fattest son in the world.

At birth, he sweet 2.89kg, i beg your pardon is a reasonable weight for a baby. However, by the moment he reached a year old, he sweet 12.7kg, and also at age three, he was lifting weights as heavy as 3kg.

At age six, he was 71kg, and since then he has gained nearly 50kg top top a diet of porridge and also ice cream.

His mommy Nelya doesn't believe that his load is reason for concern. She said that Jambik is "just growing", and that that's how "God created him".

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However, Jambik is an active child, who practises wrestling five days a week and also goes swimming often. He claimed that he want to be a sportsman as soon as he grow up, or even an Olympic champion.