The USWNT is a heavy favorite to victory the 2019 civilization Cup, but there room some attractive sleeper alternatives as well. We malfunction the best and worst bets to success it all heading into the ring of 16.

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The Women’s world Cup wrapped increase the team stage Thursday, and the ring of 16 is set. Germany and Nigeria have the first knockout complement on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. ET, and also the united States faces Spain top top Monday in ~ 12 p.m. ET.

Favorites comprise most of the 16 groups who do it come the knockout stage. Human being Cup odds very first opened ~ above Dec. 9, 2018, and also 14 of the 15 groups with the ideal odds advanced. Scotland, southern Korea, and new Zealand all satellite at 60-1 and also failed to advance. The biggest surprises are Nigeria and also Cameroon, who opened tied for the 2nd worst odds at 250-1.


FIFA women’s people Cup 2019: The height 50 football player


The united States has actually been the favorite throughout, and their odds only enhanced over the course of the team stage. They opened with a 13-0 thumping of Thailand, and followed that with a 3-0 success over Chile and a 2-0 win over Sweden to secure very first place in their group.

The USWNT opened as 2-1 favorites to success the civilization Cup, and also now sit at also money. There room two potential involves at this point. The very first is injury. Julie Ertz sat out the Sweden complement due come a i know well contusion, and Alex Morgan left Thursday’s enhance due to “a knock.” Ertz’s absence and Morgan’s removal space both being described as precautionary. The USWNT does no play Spain until Monday, therefore that will certainly be something to track.

The second concern would certainly be the USWNT’s schedule in the knockout stage. Spain is a sizable underdog, yet is no pushover. Presume favorite’s advance, the USWNT would face France in the quarterfinals and also England in the semifinals. They represent what are currently the second (7-2) and fourth ideal odds (9-1) to win the people Cup, respectively. The USWNT would certainly be favored in those games, however it is a tougher gauntlet 보다 the opposite next of the bracket faces.


A top quality sleeper in a single elimination tournament is as much around circumstances together talent. Canada sit at 25-1 to success the people Cup, yet their route to the finals uses some hope. They space slim favorites versus Sweden, and then possibly would confront Germany in the quarterfinals.

The German team has actually the 3rd best odds (7-1) to win the civilization Cup, yet they shed star midfielder Dzsenifer Marozsan to a broken toe throughout their team stage victory over Spain. SB nation soccer analyst Kim McCauley ranked Marozsan the fifth best player in the 2019 civilization Cup, and described her as the most expert midfield playmaker in the world.

Canada additionally benefits from two favorites ahead of them, Japan and also the Netherlands, squaring off in the ring of 16. Lock would most likely still should beat one of the USWNT, France, or England in the championship game, however they face less significant tests follow me the way than any type of of those 3 teams. It’s no ideal, yet their side of the bracket provides at least a tiny bit the hope.

Overvalued favorite

Any team v decent odds ~ above the USWNT’s side of the clip is immediately going to be overvalued at this point. England (9-1) would certainly only face one of the USWNT and also France, when France (7-2) is stuck to the toughest gauntlet.

France opens as a heavy favorite against Brazil, however they still have to contend with Marta. She is no much longer the best player in the world, however remains among the optimal attacking players in the world. Once it come to single elimination, a great player have the right to be the difference.

However, if France beats Brazil, they would certainly then confront the USWNT in the quarterfinals. Upsets happen, however they would certainly be a hefty underdog in the matchup. If they regulated to spring a huge upset in the quarterfinals, they would certainly potentially challenge a solid England squad in the semifinals. It would be less of a difficulty than facing the USWNT, but an overwhelming nonetheless.

All of this adds approximately a team you more than likely do not desire to bet on at this point. If friend were getting longer odds 보다 7-2, possibly it would certainly be worth some speculation, but at the current price there is no value.

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Here are your update odds because that the continuing to be 16 teams.

USA: EvenFrance: 7-2Germany: 7-1England: 9-1Netherlands: 14-1Australia: 20-1Canada: 25-1Italy: 30-1Japan: 30-1Sweden: 40-1Norway: 50-1Spain: 60-1Brazil: 80-1China: 100-1Nigeria: 100-1Cameroon: 300-1