Agent man Salazar landed on the PD a few hours after ~ his partner, certified dealer Ruben Hernandez, was arrested for shooting at an officer

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Body cam footage captured a bizarre interaction at a police station between cops and also an supposedly intoxicated FBI agent quickly after the agent’s companion was arrested.

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According come WOOD-TV, Agent man Salazar arrived on the cool Rapids Police department a couple of hours after his partner, agent Ruben Hernandez, was arrested for shooting at an officer external of a world Fitness.

In the video, Salazar refuses come answer questions about his partner. Officers deserve to be heard whispering to every other about his bizarre behavior.

Salazar and also Hernandez both drank heavily on the night the the shooting, according to the report. At part point, the pair obtained separated, and Hernandez was arrested. No one was hurt in the shooting. The FBI later fired Hernandez, and he will certainly be sentenced for the strike next month.

Salazar has actually not faced any type of charges for the incident at the police station. A prosecutor called WOOD-TV that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge the agent because that possession that a firearm if intoxicated. The is uncertain if the emergence of video capturing the incident will bring about the situation being reopened. The prosecutor to be unaware that the footage, telling the news station that his understanding of GRPD policy is the body cameras room not an alleged to be turned on within the station.

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