Name ________________________________________________________ block ____ date__________________Inside the FBI Crime rap (The background Channel) 1. The existing FBI crime lab is located in.2. Follow to the FBI Lab director the most important quality of the rap is come ensure the the proof is and also ________________________________ free. 3. The nationʼs an initial crime lab was situated at ________________________________and was opened in 1802. The an initial person to head the FBI to be ______________________________________. 4. One of the first cases investigated by the FBI connected the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Investigators provided __________________________________________ to recognize a doubt and help get a conviction. 5. In 1936, the FBI crime laboratory was among the very first labs to test the polygraph, additionally known as _________________________________________________________. 6. The FBI created a unit that serology which with chemical testing tests for.7. The ___________________________________________ unit examines guns, bullets, cartridges, and also other items. 8. When corresponding a cartridge to a gun, assessors examine grooves of the gun. They enable the identification with great precision. Every gun will certainly leave its own _____________________ microscope marks. 9. An improvised explosive device (IED) is regularly referred together ______________________________________________ by forensic investigators. 10. The largest case tackled through the FBI explosive unit was the crash that ______________________________________ over Lockerbie, ______________________________ in 1988. That spanned around __________square miles. 11. In the 19th Century, the ___________________________ mechanism was being offered as an identification system until the wilhelm West situation proved that to be flawed. 12. Currently, over there are about 80 processes provided today to construct latent fingerprints. During the 1970’s, the use of ________________________ began since they safeguard the implicit fingerprints from destruction during analysis. 13. DNA is the organic equivalent to a personʼs ___________________________________. 14. In the 1980ʼs the FBI developed DNA technology to fix crimes. There are two species of DNA experimentation used at the FBI; ______________________________ and also _____________________________________. 15. The trace evidence unit looks because that the existence of __________________, ___________________ , ____________________, or ___________________________. 16. Among the busiest response units that the FBI is the ______________________________________________which is responsible for responding to potential exposure come dangerous product (such as anthrax or biological warfare).S.Vallejo (2010) - Use through the The background Channelʼs FBI Crime laboratory DVDANSWER an essential 1. The FBI crime lab is situated in Quantico, Virginia. 2. According to the FBI Lab manager the most important quality that the lab is to ensure that the evidence is secure and also contamination free. 17. The nationʼs very first crime lab was at Northwestern University. In 1802, the an initial FBI crime lab was opened. The an initial person come head the FBI to be J. Edgar Hoover. 3. In 1936 the FBI crime lab was among the an initial labs to test the polygraph. 4. The FBI produced a unit that serology. V chemical check it might test for person blood types. 5. In the mid 1970ʼs the crime lab came to be a crime fighting tool. It began to realize the physical evidence is far more accurate than any eyewitness description. 6. The FBI was finally accredited in 1997 when a larger lab was developed in Virginia. 7. The firearms & tool marks unit examines firearms, bullets, cartridges, and other items. 8. When corresponding a bullet to a gun, inspectors examine grooves that the gun. The grooves enable the indetification with an excellent precision. Every gun will certainly leave its own unique microscopic mark. 9. The FBI has the biggest working firearm forensic arsenal in the USA. 10. The an easy component of a bomb is to have actually some kind of energetic product which offers the explosive force. 11. The largest situation tackled by the FBI explosive unit to be the crash that Pan-Am 103 Scotland in 1988. 12. The explosive unit is an ext important than ever since of terrorism. 13. In the 19th Century the Bertillon mechanism was being offered as an identification mechanism until the wilhelm West case proved that to it is in flawed. 14. In 1924 the very first fingerprint files were created. In 1953 fingerprints were found at most crimes scene and also it began being supplied to support criminal matters. This particular day there are 80 procedures to construct latent prints native cyanoacrylate fuming to alternating light sources. 15. DNA is the biological equivalent to a personʼs fingerprint. 16. .In the 1980ʼs the FBI occurred DNA an innovation to settle crimes. There room two varieties of DNA testing used at the FBI; nucleus and also mitochondrial. 17. The nationwide DNA table of contents system consisted of of 170 crime labs sharing DNA information. 18. The FBI counts on three develops of instrumentation: spectrophotometry, chromatic instruments, and mass spectrometry.

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19. The Hazardous Materials an answer Unit is the highest an answer unit used.S.Vallejo (2010) - Use with the The background Channelʼs FBI Crime laboratory DVD