FBI Assistant director Steven D’Antuono stated Friday there is no evidence that antifa activists were affiliated in the violent riots in and around the U.S. Capitol top top Wednesday, debunking the baseless conspiracy theory propagated by several influential Republican lawmakers and right-wing pundits that anti-fascist leftists—not a pro-Trump mob—were responsible for death and destruction in ~ the Capitol.

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Protesters communicate with Capitol Police inside the U.S. Capitol top top January 6, 2021, in Washington, ... <+> D.C.

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When asked by reporters ~ above Friday if antifa activists had disguised themselves as Trump supporters throughout Wednesday"s riots, D"Antuono responded: “We have no point out of the at this time.”

In the aftermath of the Capitol’s storming, which resulted in 5 deaths, consisting of that the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, countless leading Republican politicians and also their right-wing media mouthpieces alleged, without evidence, that antifa organized and perpetrated the violent attacks.

According to an evaluation by the New York Times, the conspiracy theory had been shared more than 150,000 time on Twitter and thousands the times more on on facebook by Wednesday evening.

Key Background:

The Washington Times released a story mere hours after the riots, claiming that facial recognition analysis from a an innovation company referred to as XRVision had matched images of rioters within the Capitol to previous images of “antifa infiltrators” gathered in Philadelphia. “Some the the people” that breached the Capitol “were masquerading together Trump pendant and, in fact, were members of the violent terrorist team antifa,” the write-up alleged. By Thursday afternoon, the Times report had gone viral and also was the eleventh-most-popular attach on the internet. Beforehand Thursday morning, ~ above the house floor, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) cited the Times report, which was also promoted by Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham. However, by Thursday evening, XRVision had denounced the story as fully false. In a statement, the company said that facial recognition software had actually actually determined two neo-Nazis and also a QAnon supporter. “We break up that two of

Maryland Skinheads nationwide Socialist activities Times take the story down

Crucial Quotes:

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar the Arizona tweeted Wednesday the the storming the the Capitol had “all the hallmarks the Antifa provocation,” there is no offering any evidence to support that allegation. Thursday morning, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) declared there to be “growing evidence” the “fascist ANTIFA orchestrated Capitol assault with clever mob control tactics,” adding, “Please, nothing be choose #FakeNewsMedia, don’t rush to judgment.”


Fox News organize Tucker Carlson to be one of plenty of conservative media pundits who appeared to empathize with plenty of of the “deeply frustrated” Trump supporters who engaged in the siege ~ above the U.S. Capitol, preserving that “millions of americans sincerely believe the last election was fake,” to mark a sharp contrast to exactly how Carlson and others have defined protesters affiliated v the Black lives Matters movement. Throughout his display Wednesday, Carlson said, “We might never understand the truth,” concerning the rioters’ identity. “I save seeing all kinds of accounts of who they were—and what your motives could have been.”

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