The latest FBI data expose the top 10 most dangerous urban for violence — in each of the 4 U.S. Regions

Updated January 23, 2019 v infographic on the FBI source of neighborhood crime data provided to develop the lists.

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Each year, the FBI’s Uniform Crime reporting Program (UCR) publication crime rates per 100,000 inhabitants in the unified States. The 2017 data, released previously in 2018, addresses both violent crimes and also property crimes independently. Using the data accumulated we updated our FBI’s 10 most Dangerous urban list by solving for violent crimes reported, and ranking the height 10 many dangerous urban in each of the four U.S. Census bureau regions.


splitting the perform by an ar for the update may carry out a better understanding of the violence experience in higher population centers throughout a region. Us felt for this update it to be a fairer means to rank cities due to the fact that the energy of the FBI’s UCR data is waning.

Some cities, prefer Detroit, have actually switched come reporting their crime data to the FBI’s newer nationwide Incident-Based Reporting system (NIBRS), which the FBI plans come switch over to because that crime report in January 2021.

Thus, countless cities with populations of 100,000 no report their 2017 crime data, or stopped reporting come the spontaneous UCR mechanism after 2016, such together Jersey City, brand-new Jersey.

According come the FBI, murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault fall under violent crime. Our updated FBI’s many dangerous cities lists are based upon violent crime reported in the first 6 months of 2017.

For this update, us dropped the residential property crime data and pulled in the UCR’s murder price data to offer better insight to our regional lists that FBI’s 10 most Dangerous Cities, and also to answers to comment on society media around Chicago not showing up on ours 2016 list. The publicly City shows up as #7 ~ above The peak 10 many Dangerous urban in the Midwest list below, based upon a local review that the 2017 data.


Baltimore, Md., had the highest reported violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitantsSt. Louis, Mo., had the greatest reported murder rate per 100,000 residents

Explore the top 10 many dangerous cities lists in the four U.S. Regions:

FBI’s height 10 many Dangerous cities in the West

The peak 10 most dangerous cities in an ar 4, and their populations, are:

Stockton, Calif., pop. 308,348San Bernardino, Calif., pop. 217,303Oakland, Calif., pop. 424,998Anchorage, Alaska, pop. 299,097Pueblo, Colo., pop. 109,927Modesto, Calif., pop. 212,880Richmond, Calif., pop. 110,868Vallejo, Calif., pop. 122,293Inglewood, Calif., pop. 112,059Tacoma, Wash., pop. 209,914


Cities in Wyoming did no report.

FBI’s height 10 many Dangerous urban in the South

The peak 10 many dangerous urban in region 3, and also their populations, are:

Baltimore, Md., pop. 618,385Memphis, Tenn., pop. 656,434Little Rock, Ark., pop. 198,800Nashville, Tenn., pop. 668,685New Orleans, La., pop. 397,208Chattanooga, Tenn., pop. 177,801Baton Rouge, La., pop. 228,389Tulsa, Oklahoma, pop. 405,748West Palm Beach, Fla., pop. 108,074Tallahassee, Fla., 191,564


Cities in Delaware, Mississippi, phibìc Carolina, West Virginia and Texas and Washington D.C. Did not report.

FBI’s height 10 many Dangerous cities in the Midwest

The height 10 many dangerous cities in an ar 2, and also their populations, are:

St. Louis, Mo., pop. 314,507Kansas City, Mo., pop. 478,364Rockford, Ill., pop. 147,363Milwaukee, Wisc., pop. 600,193Minneapolis, Minn., pop. 416,751Lansing, Mich., pop. 115,199Chicago, Ill., pop. 2,725,153South Bend, Ind., pop. 101,621Cincinnati, Ohio, pop. 298,880Dayton, Ohio, pop. 140,260


FBI’s top 10 many Dangerous urban in the Northeast

The peak 10 many dangerous cities in an ar 1, and their populations, are:

Hartford, Conn., pop. 123,736Buffalo, N.Y., pop. 257,446Philadelphia, Penn., pop. 1,570,826Rochester, N.Y., pop. 209,643Bridgeport, Conn., pop. 148,180Springfield, Mass., pop. 154,102Elizabeth, N.J., pop. 129,096Worcester, Mass., pop. 184,595Syracuse, N.Y., pop. 143,925Paterson, N.J., pop. 147,265


Cities in Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont did no report.

Future FBI’s many Dangerous cities Lists

Our sorted data collection includes information about which claims in each region did not have any kind of cities reporting, and also indicates which urban reporting in 2016 did no report in 2017.

The FBI exit the 2017 NIBRS data earlier this month.

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The FBI indicates that 43 percent of regulation enforcement agencies are reporting through NIBRS, and also that data has been included to FBI’s Crime Data Explorer, a device that can search crime report data by location.