In his brand-new book, A higher Loyalty, ex-FBI director says he garbage lawyer’s concern around investigation’s potential politics impact


James Comey writes: ‘Hindsight is constantly helpful, and also if I had actually to perform it end again, ns would do some points differently.’ Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP
James Comey writes: ‘Hindsight is always helpful, and also if I had actually to execute it end again, i would perform some points differently.’ Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP

James Comey’s confidence the Hillary Clinton would success the presidency educated his decision to educate Congress simply 11 days before election day the an investigation of she emails had been reopened – an act many, including Clinton, believe instead helped usher Donald Trump right into the White House.

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In Comey’s brand-new book, A higher Loyalty, a copy of i m sorry was obtained by the Guardian on Thursday, the previous FBI manager writes that before he created to conference to speak investigators to be reviewing a newly got batch the Clinton emails, a “brilliant and quiet” lawyer top top his team asked the a pointed question.

“Should you take into consideration that what friend are about to perform may help elect Donald trumped president?”

Comey thanked the lawyer for her question, he writes. And then the answered through a resounding: “No.”

What Comey did next – following a July news conference in which he branded Clinton’s managing of classified material “extremely careless” – has left him fragile to accusations of having actually swayed the election. News that his letter to congress splashed in the headlines as early on voting proceeded.

Comey writes: “Assuming, as almost everyone did, the Hillary Clinton would be elected president that the United claims in less than 2 weeks, what would occur to the FBI, the justice room or her very own presidency if it later was revealed, after the fact, the she still to be the subject of an FBI investigation?”

In addition to that is evisceration of trump – that is continuously likened come a mafia boss and also labelled “unethical, and untethered come the truth and institutional values” – A higher Loyalty offers a painstaking recounting the the Clinton emails saga, i beg your pardon Comey call “this awful case”. While stopping quick of regret, Comey does recognize faults in his command of the affair.

“Hindsight is constantly helpful, and if I had actually to do it end again, ns would carry out some things differently,” that writes.

Clinton has said Comey “forever changed history” v his choice interventions. Comey has testified that it renders him “mildly nauseous come think we could have had actually some impact on the election”.

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Yet in his book, Comey admits that at the July 2016 news conference, in which he spoke for an ext than 10 minutes about Clinton’s poor email practices before announcing that the FBI would certainly not recommend that she it is in prosecuted, he could have hidden the lede.

“I would stop the ‘Seacresting’ wrong by speak at the beginning of mine statement that us weren’t recommending charges,” he writes. “At the time, I thought there to be a risk world wouldn’t listen closely after the headline, however looking back, the threat of confusion from me delaying the conclusion to be greater.”

He continues: “More important, ns would have tried to find a better way to explain Secretary Clinton’s conduct ... My use of ‘extremely careless’ naturally sounded to many ears like the statutory language – ‘grossly negligent’ – also though thoughtful lawyers can see why it wasn’t the same.”