Hillary Clinton spoke to reporters Oct. 28 in Des Moines around the FBI’s new inquiries pertained to the personal email server she provided as secretary the state. (The Washington Post)



Reporter extending the righteousness Department and criminal justice concerns for The Washington Post"s national security team

Newly found emails discovered on a computer seized during an examination of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner thrust the conflict over Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal server ago into the presidential project less than 2 weeks before the election.

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Officials claimed the discovery prompted a surprised announcement Friday through FBI manager James B. Comey that the agency would as soon as again be examining emails related to Clinton’s time together secretary that state.

In a letter to lawmakers, Comey stated the FBI would take “appropriate investigative steps” to determine whether the newly uncovered emails save on computer classified information and also to evaluate whether lock are relevant to the Clinton server probe.

The emails, numbering more than 1,000, were discovered on a computer system used by both Weiner (D-N.Y.) and also his wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, according to regulation enforcement public representative with knowledge of the inquiry that spoke on the problem of anonymity.

The correspondence had emails between Abedin and Clinton, according to a legislation enforcement official.

Federal officials have actually been assessing sexually suggestive digital messages the Weiner allegedly exchanged with a teenage girl. The attach to the Weiner investigation was an initial reported by the new York Times.

Comey’s announcement shows up to resume the FBI’s probe that Clinton’s server, which previously finished in July v no charges.

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The announcement could reshape a presidential gyeongju that Clinton, the autonomous nominee, has been leading in many public polls. It was immediately hailed through Republican nominee Donald Trump, who told supporters at a brand-new Hampshire rally that “perhaps, finally, justice will be done.” The group responded through pumped fists and also chants of “Lock her up! Lock she up!”

Clinton called reporters Friday night in Iowa that she learned of the newly uncovered emails just after the letter come Congress to be made public.

“I’m confident everything room will not readjust the conclusion reached in July,” she said. “Therefore, the imperative the the bureau define this problem in question, whatever it is, without any kind of delay.”

Asked around the link to Weiner, Clinton said: “We’ve heard these rumors. We don’t recognize what to believe.”