Recent developments in an innovation have made at-home medicine more convenient and accurate. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, at-home medicine tests administer a safe and private means to screen or detect drug use. At-home drug trial and error offers rapid results and also eliminates the time it takes to receive information from a laboratory.

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To identify the ideal at-home drug tests, us evaluated providers based on privacy, accuracy, and speed. We also considered support alternatives and collection methods, such together urine samples and also hair follicles. Read on come learn much more about our methodology for choosing the best at-home drug trial and error kits.


Countrywide is an digital at-home drug provider own by Phamatech, i beg your pardon is a SAMHSA-, CLIA-, CAP-, and also ISO-certified laboratory. Over there are 5 drug tests available, consisting of tests because that marijuana, nicotine, and also cocaine. The At-Home Dip map Marijuana Test expenses $5.10, and requires a pee sample, v results easily accessible in 5 minutes.

Countrywide likewise offers 6-panel ($7.65) and also 12-panel ($9.35) dip card kits that test because that multiple drugs. The nicotine ($5.10) and also cocaine ($5.10) at-home drug tests both usage dip card an innovation and urine samples to provide results.

All tests are 99% accurate and also have been FDA-approved and CLIA-waived. Countrywide experimentation is based in mountain Diego and is among 27 SAMHSA-certified labs the can process drug samples for the U.S. Government. The company doesn’t offer medical professional support.

Orders inserted by 3 p.m. Room shipped the very same day. Unopened or broken tests can be returned within 60 days of purchase. Shipping is included with all purchases, and also the Countrywide accepts PayPal, Amazon Pay, apple Pay, and also Shop Pay.

Cost: $5.10-$9.35Visit Countrywide


Green Gone detox is a distinct detox kit developed by a group of pharmacists in Ohio. This at-home drug test is designed come test your urine for the presence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. In addition to urine check strips, eco-friendly Gone Detox offers two-, five-, and 10-day long-term detox kits. Urine check strips come in package of 5 ($14.99) or 10 ($24.99), and also results space often easily accessible within 5 minutes.

Test strips are yielded in a sealed pouch, and also the outcomes are figured out after urinating ~ above the strip and also letting the sit for about 10 seconds. Three outcomes space given: negative, positive, and also invalid. All assets are ceded in discreet packaging to store your identity and also purchase confidential. Depending upon your location, you may be standard for free two-day shipment or cost-free priority letter shipping. USPS overnight shipping expenses $23.95 for all orders. Purchases have the right to be make by debit or credit transaction card.

Customer support is easily accessible for all tests, however, there’s no medical professional support provided. All products have been produced at one FDA-inspected facility.

Cost: $14.99-$24.99Visit environment-friendly Gone Detox:


NicoTests is an at-home medicine company specializing in nicotine tests. These tests were occurred to assist parents resolve e-cigarette and also vaping use among teens. 3 tests room offered, including the Extra-Sensitive Marijuana, Nicotine, and also Alcohol Urine medicine Test Kit ($32.45 with collection cups; $31.45 without), the Extra-Sensitive Nicotine and Marijuana Urine medicine Test Kit ($24.95 with collection cups, $23.95 without), and also the Extra-Sensitive Nicotine test ($22.95). The nicotine test can provide results utilizing either a saliva or to pee sample. A THC examine is also accessible for $7.95.

Most tests need a to pee sample and also deliver outcomes in under five minutes. However, the Extra-Sensitive test Kit with collection Cups needs a saliva sample. The test deserve to detect the presence of nicotine in the mechanism within 4 days of the last usage.

Other test kits and also qualities are likewise available, including boxes the 25 tests with 5 to 16 drug test choices. The T-Cup compact multi-drug test expenses $83.45, and both the FDA and the CLIA have approved its quality and also accuracy. Every tests were produced in consultation through the American Lung Association. NicoTests doesn’t offer physician support.

Free shipping is easily accessible worldwide, and also NicoTests offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Purchases deserve to be made using PayPal, Amazon Pay, and also Apple Pay.

Cost: $7.95-$140.75Visit NicoTests:


TestCountry provides direct-to-consumer remedies to combat medicine use. Tests are designed for parents and employers who want to monitor medicine use. The San-Diego based company creates FDA-approved and also CLIA-waived exam that deliver fast and accurate results. TestCountry at-home medicine tests provide up come 99.8% accuracy and also can detect substance abuse approximately 14 work after last use. The shelf life for tests is between 12 and 18 months.

The company offers test that use both saliva and urine samples. Saliva medicine tests come in 5-, 6-, 10-, and also 12-panel packages. Prices start at $156.25 because that a pack of 25 5-panel saliva medicine tests. The 12-panel saliva drug and alcohol test prices $273.75 for a load of 25. These tests don’t recognize THC in your drug usage results, yet you’ll receive test results within 5-10 minutes.

The medicine test kits that usage urine samples provide results within 5 minutes or less. The 12-panel CLIA Urine medicine Test dive Card deserve to detect 12 various substances, consisting of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and also methamphetamine.

TestCountry is a member of many medical associations, consisting of the drug & Alcohol Industry association (DATIA), and the American Association because that Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

All at-home medicine test orders end $75 include cost-free shipping. Because that orders listed below $75, shipping prices are $7. Purchases can be made v a debit or credit transaction card. TestCountry doesn’t offer physician support because that its test kits.

Cost: $90-$273.75Visit TestCountry:


AccuQuick manufactures diagnostic test kit for circulation to both consumers and health facilities. The firm creates a selection of experimentation kits, consisting of a substantial drug check kit the tests because that a wide variety of narcotics, consisting of alcohol, amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine, and also marijuana, to surname a few. Pricing because that the AccuQuick drug Test Kit is available on request.

Two alternatives are offered, either via cassette or strip, and results are yielded to you within 10 minutes. AccuQuick tests call for a pee sample. Check kits encompass 50 strips, 25 cassette tests, and also 20 midstreams. Shipping price estimates are available with her pricing quote.

AccQuik manufactures tests because that the CE, ISO, and FDA. It’s a registered brand that AdvaCare Pharma USA and also sells tests internationally.

Cost: accessible on requestVisit AccuQuik:

At-home drug tests must be as precise as possible, and also our top 5 at-home medicine tests administer reliable outcomes in a short amount of time. We concentrated on kits that have actually low instances that false-positive results. We likewise made sure that the tests we highlighted room affordable and include discreet delivery. We’ve created our list based on:

Services Offered

We included at-home medicine tests with various collection methods, including saliva and also urine. A company’s capacity to administer accurate results and also detection for different species of drug usage were additional criteria because that our top five list. We consisted of test kits that detect nicotine, which might be of worry to parental or athletic coaches. Other tests room able to detect marijuana use, which is valuable for parents and employers. Finally, on our list, we consisted of at-home drug trial and error kits that detect narcotics.

Certifications and also Lab Safety

To validate the integrity of at-home drug tests, we picked providers that have actually been audited and also approved by clinical regulatory agencies. This helps ensure consumers receive exact test results. Our list highlights tests that space approved through the federal Drug management (FDA). We likewise showcased at-home drug tests that room CLIA-waived or SAMHSA-certified.

Professional Support

The trial and error kits top top this list were all emerged by top pharmacists and medical labs the also carry out for legislation enforcement, U.S. Government officials, and also hospitals. We additionally made sure that providers provide consumers a contact number and offer easy and also efficient returns.

What is at-home drug

At-home drug experimentation offers a method to resolve substance abuse privately and confidentially. Parents might use this tests come monitor their children’s behavior, and employers have the right to make sure employees space adhering come the company’s drug-use policies. At-home medicine tests can detect many different varieties of medicine use, native nicotine to methamphetamines.

Is at-home drug trial and error effective?

Many of the at-home medicine tests on this list sell 99% accuracy. Periodically tests might yield a false positive, and also the package instructions define why test results may come back inaccurate. Friend can always retest. At-home drug tests that have actually been FDA authorized are taken into consideration to it is in as reliable as rap tests when supplied correctly.

What room the benefits of at-home drug

Privacy and accuracy room two that the key reasons for acquisition an at-home drug test. If your employer exam you, you can also take an at-home medicine test to make certain that her saliva or pee sample offers you the very same results. Additionally, at-home medicine tests space often much more affordable than laboratory tests.

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How much does at-home drug trial and error cost?

The cost of at-home drug can vary relying on if you space ordering an individual check or a pack of many tests. One more factor influence pricing is if the test is designed to detect multiple forms of medicine use. The most affordable check on this perform costs approximately $5, while the many expensive tests price over $200.