Season 7 episode 9 - Hee Haw! Hee Haw!

Teams that twins shot to navigate v an electrified maze the is suspended end water. In various other daring tests, they should race on top of a speeding train; and also they must eat poisonous items. Air date : 30th-Jan-2012

Season 7 illustration 1 - Scorpion story

Family duos take part in stunts that include hanging native a speeding helicopter and eating scorpions the they have to retrieve indigenous the grill the a semi truck. Air date : 12th-Dec-2011Read More

Season 7 episode 2 - damaged Hearts & Blood Baths

Four teams of executives challenge stunts that encompass escaping from a submerged car and climbing on peak of a relocating bus. Air day : 12th-Dec-2011Read More

Season 7 illustration 3 - tall Crappaccino

Couples confront stunts that encompass being catapulted turn off a structure towards a cargo net and also transferring snake off your partners with their mouths. Air day : 19th-Dec-2011Read More

Season 7 episode 4 - line Bite

The four new teams that couples assemble: Joel and Andrea, "party people" who met in Vegas; DJ and Brooklyn, a cautious 19-year-old number cruncher and an 18-year-old danger taker; Todd and Carole, a married pair out to prove the 50 is a badge of honor; and Roberto and Tanya, a figured out power couple. Their first challenge involves getting catapulted turn off a building onto a rope net, whereby they have to gather 10 flags a piece as easily as possible while being rained on the whole time. The team through the worst time is eliminated. Air date : 2nd-Jan-2012Read More

Season 7 illustration 5 - Roach Coach

Struggling to store their wits around them, contestants in this episode need to endure gift bound and also locked in a cage the is progressively submerged underwater while their teammate has to dive in and struggle to totally free them before they operation out the air. At the aptly called “Fear element Food Truck,” teammates are forced to eat a crate lunch of live cockroaches and also giant grasshoppers, accompanied by a next dish that rat hair chips and a special salsa topped through maggots. In the final stunt, one team member should leap earlier and forth from a swerving bus come a trailing automobile driven by his/her partner, in a timed gyeongju to retrieve flags the fastest. One team will continue to be standing and also claim the $50,000 cash prize. Air date : 9th-Jan-2012Read More

Season 7 illustration 6 - The Bees room So upset

Leeches, shave Heads and Tear Gas, five My! component 1 Air date : 12th-Feb-2012Read More

Season 7 illustration 7 - Leeches & shaved Heads & Tear Gas, five My! -- part 1

Part 1 that a distinct two-part are afraid Factor, v a special prize of $100,000 at stake. Air date : 9th-Jul-2012Read More

Season 7 episode 8 - Leeches & shaved Heads & Tear Gas, five My! -- part 2

Part 2 of a one-of-a-kind two-part are afraid Factor, through a one-of-a-kind prize the $100,000 at stake. Air date : 16th-Jul-2012Read More

Season 7 episode 9 - Hee Haw! Hee Haw!

Teams that twins try to navigate with an electrified maze that is suspended over water. In other daring tests, they should race on top of a speeding train; and also they should eat venomous items. Air day : 30th-Jan-2012Read More


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