Fear the a black Hat is a television present that showed up on TV in 1970 . Are afraid of a black Hat stopped airing in 1970.

It attributes Darin Scott together producer, and also Jimmy Manzie in charge of musical score.

Fear the a black Hat is videotaped in English and originally aired in joined States. Each illustration of fear of a black color Hat is 89 minutes long. Are afraid of a black Hat is distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company.

Fear of a black Hat Quotes

(Tone Def) "Yeah. Since when you take it the bus -- you get there." (Geoffrey Lennox) "THAT"S deep." (Ice Cold) "Wait, you average you actually understand what he"s saying?" (Geoffrey Lennox) "Oh, yeah." (Geoffrey Lennox) "Just look in ~ you 3 brothers. Just look in ~ you. Together. You. You small black stove-pipe-colored nigga, Tasty. You space the exact same complexion as Marcus Garvey, the guy that carried self-love come the black consciousness motion in the 1930s. And also when we speak about complexion, us move right into the politics perspective of wherein y"all comes from. You, Ice. You"s a good, high-yellow piss-colored motherfucker. Same complexion together Bob Marley. Ns mean, you also got that dreadlock thing going for you. You could even move into a totality Rasta thing, if you wanted to. But that"s another story. And you. You good red-boned, morani-colored, genie-in-a-bottle-looking motherfucker. You are the exact same complexion together Malcom X. That"s right. Take it off her hat. Jeeze. Red hair, as with Malcom. Boy, I"m informing you, friend brothers space gonna be large. However like ns said, you got to it is in careful. Due to the fact that y"all are telling the truth, and the white guy don"t want you every saying what you"re saying." (Nina Blackburn) "So, guys, what"s the resolve the hats?" (Ice Cold) "That"s what NWH is all about. We got a totality hat philosophy, you know what I"m saying? i mean, see, ago in the days as soon as there was slaves and also stuff, castle would occupational in the warm sun all day, friend know, with the sun beating under them. Hatless. I mean, not even a babushka." (Tone Def) "Word. Heads totally exposed to the sun." (Ice Cold) "You know, for this reason by the moment they got earlier to the plantation from being in every the heat, they was too tired to rebel against their masters, right? for this reason what we saying with Niggaz v Hats is, "Yo, we acquired some hats now, muh-fuckers."" (Tasty Taste) "And we ain"t too tired to bust a cap in yo ass." (Tone Def) "The black guy was the very first sensitive man, long before Alan Alda." (Geoffrey Lennox) ""Guerillas in the Midst", man, that is gonna it is in crazy large. And the album "Fear of a black Hat", that"s gonna it is in bigger 보다 "Wild Thing". Oh, man, you brothers space gonna be huge for the an easy fact that you"re with me. And I gained the wining team, and I to be large. I am bigger than large. In fact, I"m so big they call me Dinosaur." (Tasty Taste) "We anti-violent. Anyone states different, I"ll bust a lid in your ass." (Ice Cold) "He gonna punch Kriss Kross out the box "cuz he"s gonna it is in upside down." (Guy Friesch) "That was not good: Kicking the record agency guy"s ass. The was counter-productive." (Tiffini) "I talk Japanese, however I song Black. Choose Paula Abdul." (Ice Cold) ""P", Political, "U", Unrest, "S", Stabilize, another "S", Society, "Y", Yeah." (Nina Blackburn) "Are every these weapons registered with the state?" (Tasty Taste) "The state of siege, heh heh." (Ice Cold) "Over right here we gained some perpetrators; a bunch of ice Wannabes. See, ice Cold, I"m the man, yet we acquired Ice Tray, ice cream Coffee, ice cream Water, Iceberg, ice Cup, Icebox. I typical it gets real ridiculous when human being tryin" to bite her style, you know what I"m sayin"? But, hey, that"s the method it is, it"s the laboratory world." (Ice Cold) "I"ll show you my brand-new book I"m working on. "FYM" through Ice." (Nina Blackburn) ""FYM?"" (Ice Cold) "Yeah. "Fuck Ya"ll Motherfuckers."" (Nina Blackburn) "Are friend planning a follow-up come this book?" (Ice Cold) "For certain, because I acquired a lot more to say. I think it"s walking to be called, "ASMD." "And Suck mine Dick." ns was walking to speak to it "ASMBD," "And sucking My black color Dick." yet I"m a cocoa-colored motherfucker so that wouldn"t yes, really work." (Nina Blackburn) "So, what"s the attend to the hats?" (Ice Cold) "Shit, the hats"re what NWH is all about. See, ago in the day when there to be slaves and also stuff, us was compelled to work-related in the warm sun every day, hatless. I mean, not also a babushka." (Tone Def) "Word. Heads totally exposed to the sun." (Ice Cold) "So once the servants got ago from the fields, they was too exhausted to revolt versus they masters. For this reason what we"re sayin" now is: Yo, we obtained some hats now, muh-fuckas." (Tasty Taste) "And we ain"t too exhausted to bust a cap in yo" ass." (Tasty Taste) "I was a medicine distributor." (Ice Cold) "The butt is like culture --" (Ice Cold) "Right, yet see actually that shit was claimed to be NWH; fear of a black color Hat, then subtitled "Don"t Shoot until You check out the Whites."" (Nina Blackburn) "Of your eyes?" (Ice Cold) "Who"s eyes?" (Nina Blackburn) "Don"t shoot till you see the white skin - man of your eyes." (Ice Cold) "Nah, don"t shoot until you see the whites, period. That"s it, end of story." (Tasty Taste) "It"s our public duty come bang the booty." (Nina Blackburn) "What, if any, is the difference in between a ho and a bitch?" (Tone Def) "A ho fucks EVERYBODY." (Ice Cold) "Right, yet a bitch fucks everybody however YOU." (Tasty Taste) "This is a bazooka, see? and you simply pick this up choose this. It"s-it"s-it"s-it"s sort of heavy. Yet I figured if i couldn"t choose it up, I require to have it." (Nina Blackburn) "Why would certainly you require a bazooka?" (Tasty Taste) "Well, sometimes you gotta take the end stuff like a bus or a building, or a bunch the muhfuckas." (Nina Blackburn) "Do you concern that you have a many enemies, much more than the median guy?" (Tasty Taste) "So what you tryin" come say? friend tryin" to say the I"m, like, paranoid "n stuff? perform I look prefer the kind of human that would be paranoid? ns mean, as soon as you rollin" through THIS, would you it is in paranoid?" (Ice Cold) "Look, mine man, course of "87. See? Bow tie, checkered pants. He was on the glee club. My male was ~ above the year book staff.

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He to be the year book editor. Exactly how you gonna be a hardcore OG gangsta editin" the year book?" (Tone Def) "I require one of y"all to stick the bedpan underneath mine ass." (Tasty Taste) "It ain"t THAT kind of party."

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